For new and experienced vapers, choosing the right nicotine strength is key to getting the best vaping experience you can have. If you’re trying to stop doing cigarettes, it’s even more important since vaping lets you get all the nicotine you need minus all the bad stuff like tar, ammonia, and lead. If you’re wondering what kind of e-liquid you should get from your local vape store in London, you’re in luck. This guide is an overview of e-liquids and the different nicotine levels for every type of vape.

Determine What Your Vaping Goals Are
Knowing what nicotine levels to take depends on your goals as a vaper. If you’re a heavy smoker and are transitioning into vaping, then there are nicotine levels that are perfect for easing you into your adjustment. On the other hand, if you’re new to the vaping world and are a bit wary of being addicted to nicotine, there are vape juices with zero nicotine in them. This can be a good starting point for those who are completely new to vaping or smoking.

Whatever your goals are, they will primarily influence what nicotine levels will be best for you. If you find your chosen vape juice to be strong or weak, you can easily switch to an e-liquid with a different nicotine level.

Vaping Juice Taste and Throat Hit
As you may know, nicotine isn’t the only thing that matters when choosing an e-liquid. Vape juices all have their own flavour profile, nicotine level, and “throat hit.” This is basically the sensation you feel on the back of the throat as you inhale. The throat hit is determined by the vape juice’s Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable (VG) levels. By mixing and matching the PG and VG levels of vape juice, you get a different sensation in your throat that could easily affect your experience. In some ways, they also influence the taste of your vape juice.

Determining the Right Nicotine Levels
Aside from the flavour and the PG/VG concentrations, the nicotine levels of your vape juice will complete your vaping experience. Nicotine levels for e-juice range from 0 mg/ml to 24 mg/ml. Based on your vaping goals, you can choose any of the following levels:

·0 mg/ml - This is the starting point of most vapers who are new to the scene since it contains no nicotine at all. If you’re just starting, or you’re in it for the ritual of just inhaling the vapour, then this is suitable for you.

·6 mg/ml - This is intended for those gradually reducing their nicotine consumption. There are still traces of it that you can taste but are just enough to avoid being addicted.

·12 mg/ml - This is designed for more experienced vapers or occasional smokers. 12 mg/ml is the ideal nicotine level for casual users. However, most smokers won’t get enough nicotine if they start here.

·18 mg/ml - This level gives a nice dose of nicotine that’s more suited for smokers who can finish a pack of cigarettes a day. 

·24 mg/ml - For the extremely heavy smokers, this is for you. If you’re smoking more than a pack a day, this is the best starting point for you. Then you should gradually switch to lower nicotine levels as you go along.

Looking at those levels of nicotine and the variation in terms of flavour and composition, there really is vape juice for everyone. Of course, there are still a couple of other factors that could affect your vaping experience, but if you’re in it for the nicotine, this guide should help you.