General Charging Instructions for a Vape Pen
At the end of the day the specifics of charging your vaporizer are going to come down to the exact type and model of vape you have. In general, your battery is going to have a port where you connect the vape battery to some sort of charging cable. From there you allow the battery time to fully charge. Usually there is an indicator of some sort, such as a light, to notify you when the vape battery is fully charged. 

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Vape Pen
The exact amount of time to charge a vape pen depends on the type of vape pen, the size of the battery, and how dead the battery was before you plugged it in to charge. There are also different charging speeds depending on the type of battery and charger you have. Most often, the usual charge time for a vape pen is going to average between 2 and 3 hours for you to get a full charge.  But like we said, the exact vape pen you have should come with specific instructions on the amount of time it takes to charge and more.

How to Charge a Vape Pen without a Charger
If you happen to lose the original charger to a vape pen, all is not entirely lost. There could be a similar, compatible charger that you can use with your vape pen. Sometimes these are made by similar brands or even just for other electronics like cell phones. Another option would be to find a power bank to charge the vape pen. While this will still require charging the power bank (and the appropriate fitting to your vape) you do not necessarily need the exact, original charger in this scenario.  Particularly useful, your vape pen battery might be interchangeable and Not built-in to the vape. In that case, simply swap out the old battery for a fresh one and continue to go about your day. This is not always going to be the case with all vape pens and you should look into the specifics for yours.    

Vape Pen Charging Tips

1.Do Not Overcharge – Overcharging a vape pen battery is going to cause problems long-term if you are always leaving it charging unnecessarily. The battery performance will continue to degrade and this will ultimately deteriorate the effective shelf life for that battery. While this is not as much of a problem on an interchangeable battery that can be tossed and replaced, but still, some batteries can wind up costing as much as entire vape pen depending on the quality and output. Make sure not to leave your vape sitting on a charger for too long unattended (such as at night, while you are away or sleeping, etc).
2.Do Not Leave Vape Charging Un-Attended– This is just a general safety precaution. While the likelihood of any individual vape pen spontaneously combusting is certainly low, you do not want to compromise your safety or others by being reckless with a powerful battery. Being close enough to make sure the battery is not overheating is certainly recommended. 
3.Avoid Charging too Frequently – This is a problem that often goes overlooked. If you have a habit of fully charging your vape, taking a few minutes worth of hits, and then placing the vape back on the charger – stop! This is not good for any type of battery, and it runs the same long term risks as overcharging, and should be treated with the same level of caution. Battery performance and shelf life will deteriorate slowly as the battery is not given the opportunity to do what it is supposed to do – charge, drain (not 2 minutes of use drain), and then re-charge.  This is a rule for all batteries, not just vape pens.
4.Use Included Charger if Possible – While we mentioned that there can be a few different compatible charger types for your vape pen, it is still best to use the charger designed for the job. This is just a general rule that applies to most manufactured products – there can be plenty of substitutes available, however, performance is going to be best when using the provided materials. For best results, use the correct charger.
5.Stay Away from Water – This goes without saying for all electronic devices – keep them away from water and dry at all costs.

Vape Battery Won’t Charge
This is a worst nightmare type of scenario – you go to your vape pen and it has absolutely no battery life after having sat on the charger. This is not a problem unique to vape pens and the disappointment even less so. If you have allowed an adequate amount of time for a full charge and your vape pen is not responding at all, there could be a few explanations: 
First, you are not properly charging your vape pen. This can be the result of faulty equipment or connectors. Remember, just because you plug in a cord does not mean that the appropriate connectors are communicating with each other. Check your charger and vape pen and make sure that there is nothing obstructing the charging port or damage done to the connectors. 
Second, you might need to refer to the manual and make sure your operating the vape pen correctly. While most vape pens turn on with a series of clicks to the power button, your vape pen may require a different sequence or number of clicks. Not to mention an entirely different procedure.
Third, you may need to try another outlet or charger. Not all outlets in your home are always connected or working properly (or a master switch may simply have been left off). In this case, no matter what you do, you’re not going to get any juice in your vape pen battery because there is simply no electricity flowing at all.
Finally, if you have exhausted the above options you might need to face facts: like all electronics, vape pens are subject to problems from time to time and may cease to operate properly. Or, your charger is simply broken. You may need to obtain a new vape pen if the battery is completely shot, however, maybe a simple charger replacement or outlet switch is all you need in the end. 

Can you Over-Charge a Vape Pen Battery?
Yes, you can overcharge your vape pen battery, but not in the sense that you get any extra power or capabilities from it.  You can over-charge in the idea that you have left it on the charger for too long. You will not notice anything immediately, but over time this puts unnecessary pressure on the battery and in the long run will lead to a battery life and performance that is not in its prime.  As mentioned before, this is not a habit you want to develop. However, leaving your vape pen on the charger for a few minutes to an hour longer than normal one time isn’t likely to destroy your vape pen. Just best not to make a habit of it.

Power Bank Vape
Power banks do exactly what their name implies: they store power deposits. When you need extra juice but know that you won’t be anywhere near an outlet (at the club, on a hike, swimming, etc) a power bank is the optimal way to keep your vape pen running. This is because you can safely use the power bank to charge any vape without worrying about finding an outlet.  A power bank is very portable, just like a vape, so it is almost like having two vape pen batteries when you are out, extra power on-demand. For experienced and novice vapers alike a power bank can be a worthwhile investment.