How to Charge a 510-Thread Vape Battery the Right Way

Even in 2022, sleek and simple 510-thread vape batteries flood the market.

Unfortunately, they also go bust. ALL. THE. TIME.

And this happens because most people don’t really know how to correctly charge them.

So if you just got your hands on a brand new vape device that uses one of these screw-on batteries, and you want to extend its battery life — you’re in luck! In this post, I’ll share some tips on how to charge these electronic devices so they don’t go bust on you after a few uses.

What is a 510 Thread Vape Pen Battery?
A 510-thread battery is every vape – or a dab pen – battery that has a screw-on attachment via which you can connect a tank or a cartridge. The number is a reference to threading — it means that it has 10 threads at 5mm intervals. These are usually simple, single button operated batteries intended for various products – from vape juice all the way to THC oils.

However, in the context of this post, this battery also charges the same way — via a pressure plate that sits inside the threading. This means that the battery doesn’t have a USB-C or a USB cable or charge port, but it screws onto an AC adapter which then plugs into a USB port.

We call these screw-on 510 thread vape batteries.

Simple and effective? Yes.

But you’ve got to know a secret handshake to these things so they don’t break on you.

And you’ll master that handshake after reading this post.

The Correct Way to Charge a 510 Thread Battery

To extend your battery’s life, follow this simple process:

1.Plug the USB charge into a computer or a laptop USB port (a common block charger in a wall outlet is also okay, provided they are five volts and don’t have rapid charge capabilities. The voltage of the adapter needs to match the battery).

2.Check the light on the charge — usually, you’ll get a green light on the AC adapter that doesn’t have a battery plugged in, but this will depend on the type of your battery and the brand.

3.Gently screw on the battery now that the battery USB charger is plugged in. Don’t overtighten it because it’ll press on the connection plate too hard and damage it. Screw until you see the light on the AC adapter change colors.

4.Check the light on the adapter — it should change color now that it has a pen connected to it (usually, that will be a red light, but again this depends on the brand and the type).

5.Keep an eye on the device. If you’re charging via laptop or a computer, put something under the battery so it can rest without dangling in the air. It’s done charging usually in under an hour (or when the battery LED light indicates it).

6.Charging your battery the correct way prevents common issues from rising up. For example, by screwing on the battery after it is plugged in, you reduce the risk of overtightening. Without overtightening, you won’t have problems where there’s a poor cartridge connection that doesn’t make a connection with the power plate (which happens when you push the charging pin way down). If that happens, you need to fix the plate before you can attach the vape cartridge.

Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes When Charging Your 510-Thread Vape Battery
There are three common mistakes that new vapers make when charging this type of device. They are listed below — take note, and make sure not to make the same mistakes yourself.

#1 Using the wrong charger
The voltage of the battery is usually 5v. If you use anything other than a 5v charger (be it a wall adapter or a standard USB port), you’re running the risk of frying your device. Your best bet is to use the charger that the battery came with because you know for a fact that it has the right voltage. Don’t use rapid chargers (designed for smartphones), tablet chargers, a smart USB charger, or an AC adapter — they can also create a world of trouble for your pen.

#2 Screwing on the battery first
Never screw on the battery to the AC adapter first because you run the risk of damaging the little plate inside. First, connect the AC adapter to a power source, and then slowly screw on the battery.

#3 Charging overnight
Most of these batteries don’t have a battery light that indicates when they are at a full charge, so you need to keep an eye on them. Most variable voltage batteries will get fried after an excessive period of time being left plugged in. Definitely don’t leave them charging overnight — not only could you damage them, but they could malfunction and cause a fire. 

Make Your Battery Last
And let me tell you, your vape device battery can last for a year… or even more.

A lot of people in the vaping community smirk at these little buggers, but they’re incredibly effective. There’s a reason why the vaping industry came up with 510-batteries more than ten years ago… and that’s because they work!

So if you have a dab pen or a cart pen that uses this technology, do the smart thing:

·Always use the AC adapter that came with the battery
·Make sure that the charging output is 5 volts (never more)
·Plug in the charger before you screw on the battery
·And keep an eye on the charge until it’s ready

That’s it! 

Do that and you’ll be one of the rare people with enough vaping experience and know-how to actually make one of these things last for years!