How To Change Vape Juice Flavor

With so many new flavors of vape juice becoming available every day, it’s no surprise that you’re ready to swap the vape juice in your tank. If you’ve never changed vape juice before, however, the task may seem daunting: what cleaning do you have to do? Are you sure you’re changing juices correctly?

If you’re new to vaping or simply need a refresher on how to properly change your vape juice, this super simple guide is here to help. I’ll teach you step-by-step how to change your vape juice, including the correct way to clean your tank and coil as well as how to properly fill the two most common types of tanks so that you can get the full effect of your new vape juice. Read on below to learn just how easy it is to swap e-juice flavors and enjoy your vape!

Changing Vape Juice Flavor (Step-By-Step)
One of the biggest mistakes vape newbies make is improperly changing their e-juice, which can lead to vape malfunctions and weird flavors that can negatively impact your vaping experience. If you’re thinking about changing your vape juice and you aren’t sure how to do so or you just want a good refresher course, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll take you through the juice changing process to ensure that you get the most out of your new e-juice. In order to successfully change vape juices, you’ll need to make sure that any old excess juice is removed and that you have thoroughly cleaned both your tank and your coil. Let’s look at things step-by-step to make sure you know how to properly change your vape juice and take care of your equipment for the best possible vaping experience.

1.Remove Any Excess E-Juice: Any juice left behind from your old flavor needs to be removed before using your new vape juice. Excess juice can mess with your new flavor and can create harmful buildup that will damage your tank.
2.Clean Your Vape Tank: Make sure to use warm water when removing any residue in your tank; you can use a little bit of soap to help if the residue is particularly stubborn. After cleaning, make sure to dry your tank thoroughly to in preparation for new e-juice.
3.Clean Your Vape Coil: Changing your vape juice is also a great time to consider changing your coil (which should be done regularly), but you can also make sure just to thoroughly clean it if it’s not yet time to change coils. Only use warm water (no soap) and thoroughly dry your coil before attempting to use it again.
4.Refill Your E-Juice: After you’ve finished cleaning out any old juice and properly cleaned your tank and coil, it’s time to fill your tank with your new vape juice and enjoy a change of flavor.

Changing your vape juice can be a very simple task and is easy to accomplish in four simple steps, but it’s important that you are thorough and take the time to make sure you’ve followed all steps properly to get the most out of your vaping experience. If you still have questions, please check out this informational YouTube video about changing vape flavors when you’re not looking to change your coil (the demonstration begins at about 2:12.) Note that this instructor uses a paper towel to catch excess liquid. While that’s a fine method, we recommend changing vape liquids over a sink just in case there is a big spill or you aren’t yet confident when it comes to filling your tank.

We also recommend waiting to change vape juices until you have a little bit of free time to make sure you aren’t rushed when cleaning your tank and coil. If you overlook a step or don’t take the time to do things properly, you may wind up wasting vape juice because you’ve done a step incorrectly and have to start all over again.

If you still have questions about changing your vape liquid, don’t worry. We’ve broken down each step into even more specific directions below. Take a look and make sure to follow all instructions properly when you go to change your e-juice.

Remove Any Excess E-Juice
The first step to changing out your vape liquid is to remove any excess juice that may still linger in your tank. Don’t feel like you have to vape out every last drop before changing flavors: it’s incredibly common to want to change e-juices before you’ve finished all of your last one. When you are ready to change vape juices, begin by unscrewing your tank from the rest of your vaping setup and taking it to your sink. We recommend doing this over the sink because there’s less chance of an accidental spill and you’ll need the water for the next steps in this process. After bringing your tank to the sink, pour any liquid remaining inside down the drain. Excess liquid from your old e-juice can change the flavor of your new juice, leading to weird tastes. You don’t want any hanging around to impede your vaping experience, so take the time to make sure this step is completed.

Cleaning Your Vape Tank
The second step to changing your vape liquids is to clean your tank. You may think that simply dumping out any old liquid was enough, but you’ll want to properly clean your tank to get the most out of your new e-juice. You may find that there is some residue built up inside your tank from old juice. This is normal, but if you allow residue to remain, it can negatively impact your vaping experience and too much build-up can even damage your tank. You can rinse your tank out with warm water, rubbing at the reside gently with a fingertip or wet paper towel. If the residue is particularly stubborn, use a few drops of liquid soap. Be sure to completely rinse out any soap residue and then wipe down your tank’s interior with a dry paper towel. Let it sit for a few minutes to dry completely before attempting to refill your tank. If any water is left behind, it can dilute your new vape juice and cut down on your enjoyment.

Cleaning Your Vape Coil
After your tank is cleaned, it’s time to move on to the third step of changing your vape liquid. Let’s take a look at your coil. Vape juice can thoroughly saturate the wick of your vape and get inside your coil over time, which can affect any future flavors you use in your tank. It can also create build-up and lead to coil malfunctions. For this reason, you should regularly change your coil for the best vaping experience. If you’ve recently changed your coil, however, it’s possible to change vape juices without entirely replacing your coil. To do so, you’ll want to make sure your coil is properly cleaned and dried before adding new e-juice. Clean your coil thoroughly with warm water. Do NOT use any soap. Soap can damage your coil and lead to malfunctions, so only use warm water. After washing your coil thoroughly, dry carefully with a paper towel and allow it to sit for a few minutes until no water remains. Do not attempt to use your coil or wick if either is still damp.

How To Refill Your E-Juice
Now that you have finished removing any excess e-juice and properly cleaned your tank and coil, it’s time to move on to the fourth and final step: refilling your tank with your new vape juice. We recommend you refill your tank over a sink until you’re confident in your ability to refill without causing an unwanted spill. It’s much easier to clean up an unwanted mess in the sink than on your floor or in your car. When it comes time to refill your tank, the exact method of filling depends on the type of tank you are using. In this article, I’ll explain how to refill a cartomizer and a vape mod tank (the two most common type of tanks.) If you are using a tank other than one of these two options, filling methods may vary slightly, so be sure to do your research before attempting a refill.

Refilling a cartomizer tank:
·Begin by removing the disc that covers your cartomizer. You can do so by inserting a thumbtack or small needle into the hole on the disc, then pushing it aside
·Hold the tank between a 40 and 60-degree angle when filling
·Squeeze in a few drops of vape juice while slowly rotating the tank for an even refill
·Be very careful not to go over full capacity. Note where the capacity line is while refilling and stay below. Overfilling can cause liquid to seep out, which can lead to problems
·After your tank is full, replace the protective disc in its original position
·Place the cartomizer on an even surface. Allow it to rest for 10 minutes before reattaching and enjoying your new vape juice

Refilling a vape mod tank:
·Begin by pulling the cartomizer from the bottom until you can see a small gap between the top of the tank and its transparent wall
·Hold the tank at about 45-degrees
·Slowly squeeze is a few drops of vape juice until the cartomizer has reached capacity
·Squeeze in a few drops of vape juice into the tank surrounding the cartomizer
·Replace the cartomizer in its original position, then place in your drip tip and enjoy your new vape juice

When you go to fill your tank, it is important to remember not to overfill. You can always add more vape juice if it isn’t quite full enough, but overfilling can lead to leaks and can damage your vaping equipment. It can also create a sticky mess that removes some of the enjoyment. Also be sure that your tank is securely fastened after a refill to prevent any accidents or malfunctions.

Why Does My Vape Juice Taste Weird?
Have you recently swapped vape juice and are now experiencing a weird flavor when you use your vape? This is a very common problem that even vaping experts can experience. While it may be a very simple fix, weird flavors can also be a cause for concern so make sure that you attempt to remedy the situation as soon as possible. Stop using your vape if there’s a weird flavor until you can check to make sure nothing is malfunctioning. If you’re experiencing an odd taste and want to know how to fix it, begin by taking a look at your coil and your tank. Bad coils and improperly filled tanks are the two major causes for weird flavors when vaping.

As we said earlier when we mentioned cleaning your coil, you should be replacing your coil regularly. Vape coils go bad with time and repeated use, so they have to be replaced in order to maintain a pleasant vaping experience. If it has been some time since you last changed your coil and/or you are experiencing a burnt taste, gurgling sounds while vaping, leaking, or any other odd taste, please change your coil. Replacing a bad coil can lead to immediately improved flavor and stop any issues that may have started popping up while you’re vaping.

If you’ve already changed your coil but are still experiencing a weird taste, look at how you’ve filled your tank. Improper tank filling can also lead to strange flavors while vaping. If your tank has been overfilled, you may notice leaking. Leaked juice can become burnt when you vape, creating a sticky mess and acrid flavor. If this is the case, try refilling your tank with less juice. Conversely, you may not have filled your tank enough and that’s what’s creating a strange flavor. If the juice level is below maximum capacity, add a few more drops to see if this solves your flavor issue. Chances are, one or both of these issues was the problem and you are now good to enjoy your e-juice again!

Sometimes, weird flavors are just that: weird flavors. Not every e-juice is going to be everyone’s favorite, so if you are not enjoying your vaping experience, take a look at the vape juice you are using. Ensure that it hasn’t gone out or expired first. You can ask a friend to try your vape juice to get a second opinion. If they believe it is still good, you may simply not like that particular flavor as much as you thought you would. Swap back to a vape juice you enjoy and toss or give away the offending flavor e-juice.

Bored Of Changing Vape Juice Flavor?
If you vape regularly, you probably enjoy the freedom of changing your e-juice flavor regularly. Trying new flavors is just one of the many appeals of vaping over traditional smoking methods, but constantly changing your vape liquid can quickly become tedious. Properly cleaning your set-up to change your e-juice takes time and if you are in a hurry and want a new flavor, that’s time you just don’t have. Luckily, there are a few solutions to get around this common vaping problem.

Firstly, consider buying multiple tanks. Using multiple tanks means that each unique e-juice has its own tank. You won’t have to constantly clean tanks if you’re simply filling them with more of the same vape liquid, so you’ll cut down on precious cleaning time. More tanks also mean you have a backup in case anything goes wrong. There’s nothing worse than dropping your vape and accidentally breaking your tank when you have no replacement. Multiple tanks is a great way to have multiple e-juices ready without having to worry about tediously changing vape liquids.

If multiple tanks aren’t the solution you are looking for, consider swapping to a drip atomizer (this article explains in more detail.) These vapes don’t use tanks for their liquid, so you don’t have to worry about tank care and maintenance at all when it comes to swapping your e-juice flavor. Instead, you drip vape juice directly on to the atomizer via a drip tip before using your vape. This leads to a very crisp, full flavor from your e-juice. It also creates a very sleek set-up, so you won’t have to worry about the extra bulk a tank creates. Learning to use a drip atomizer can be tricky as you have to be very careful about the amount of vape juice you are using. However, many vaping experts swear that dripping leads to the purest possible vaping experience. If you are looking for a way to swap flavors more consistently, consider making the switch to a drip atomizer instead.

Change Your Vape Juice Liquid Like A Pro
Hopefully, you now fully understand how to properly change vape juices so that you get the full experience from your new flavor. Changing flavors is one of the many benefits of vaping, so it’s important you know how to do so to get the most out of your vape. If you ever have questions about changing e-juices, please refer back to this article to ensure you’re changing juices properly.

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As always, make sure you are vaping responsibly. Follow any local laws or guidelines to ensure you’re purchasing vape products safely and legally and be courteous of others when vaping in public spaces.