How to Change E-Liquid Flavours in Your Vape Tank without Leaving Aftertaste

One of the most exciting things about vaping is the smorgasbord of e-liquid flavours on offer.

A lot of vapers took up the habit in a bid to quit smoking. And while vaping has been established to be a very effective alternative, most of us would agree the flavours that come with it are the cherry on top.

Unless you have your own reasons, restricting yourself to just a few flavours would be a boring hill to die on. That’s because it’s a vast world, e-liquids, and it can be a thrill immersing yourself in its flavours.

But as we go about our daily vaping routines, there is an aspect of changing e-liquid flavours that is not often talked about: the bad aftertaste associated with switching e-liquids in the same tank.

Not only does this affect the vape taste, but also might compromise your general vape experience when you swap between juices with a different density.

It’s a common mistake among new vapers, and understandably so if no one has ever mentioned it to you.

But we’re here to help change your vaping experience for the better.

Some Food for Thought
There are several reasons you could be getting a bad taste in your vape.
In addition to the scenario we just described, a bad coil could be another reason your vape tastes weird.

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So is improper filling of your tank. Or you simply find you don’t like the flavour.
When you experience a bad aftertaste on your vape, sometimes you might want to change flavours midway to avoid the agony of having to go through a full tank of the same.

You might also find yourself craving a certain flavour you can’t have enough of when you are only half-way through the tank.

Unbeknownst to many new vapers, it is possible to swap out e-liquids without having to vape the whole tank. If you have an extra tank, it shouldn’t be a hassle as you can always use the extra tank.

You can also avoid the tank hassle altogether by using a dripping atomiser.

Otherwise, if you only have a single tank to work with, you will have to make do with some bit of cleaning to avoid the inevitable aftertaste.

Rinse the Tank
First, you need to unscrew your tank from the battery and take out the old e-liquid. Don’t forget to detach the tank from the atomiser or coil head as well.

Next, remove any gunk that may have formed on the sides of the tank (this is particularly common with sub ohm tanks that use VG-heavy e-liquids). Rinse your tank thoroughly using warm water.

Depending on the design and material of your tank, you can use just a wee bit of diluted soap. But confirm this from your user manual first to avoid the risk of damaging your tank.

Once you are done cleaning, dab the tank with a paper towel or soft cloth to dry it. If you are in no hurry to use the tank, you might as well leave it to dry overnight.

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Coil and Wick Cleaning
Cleaning the tank alone is not enough to get rid of any e-liquid aftertaste you may be getting.

Since this is where the juice gets burned, you also need to wash the coil to rid it of any residual traces of flavour that are likely to accumulate.

If you have an RDA or RBA that makes use of a custom coil, just change the cotton wick and you’re set.

Generally, coils need replacing every fortnight if you vape regularly.

If you normally switch your e-liquid flavours when doing routine coil changes, there should be no additional costs to contend with. Not that vape coils are much costly anyway.

Sometimes, though, you might have recently changed your coil and it would be impractical to toss it even if coils are not the expensive vape component.

In such a case, what you can do is remove and store the coil in a zip-lock bag which you should then label with the name of the flavour you were using it with. That way, next time you decide to vape the said flavour, you can just install it back.

After making the coil change, don’t forget to prime it before you try out the new flavour.

This gives the cotton wick time to soak the juice which should prolong the life of the coil while at the same time avoiding another repelling vape taste you don’t want to experience: burnt hits.

And with that, boys and girls, here endeth the lesson.

Last Word
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