How to calculate Ohm’s law for safe vaping? | A Beginner’s Guide

How to calculate Ohm’s law for safe vaping?
Who would have thought that simple science is the secret to vaping? It’s time to remember those long-forgotten science classes in high school. If you’re not a science fundi, don’t worry. All that matters is that you’re passionate about vaping and desire the best vaping experience possible. A basic understanding of Ohm’s law will benefit a vaper, as this can be an integral part in order to 

vape safely.

What is Ohm?
Inside the exterior of your vape device is a simple circuit. Ohm’s law is used to determine the strength of the three aspects present in a circuit, namely current, voltage and resistance. As your vape is a simple circuit, it will be possible to determine these variables.
If the settings of your vape can be changed, you are able to change the different aspects of the formula used by Ohm’s law. It is defined by the following formula: I=V/R.

I: This is the electric current in your device and it’s measured in Amps. It shows us what the amount of electricity that flows through your vape is in numbers.

What is Ohm? Continued. 
V: This is the symbol of the voltage. This is the force that makes the electric charges pass through the wire and then, in turn, form an electric current. Certain vapes have a setting where you can change the voltage, which will have an overall effect on the electrical current.
R: Last but not least, this symbol represents the resistance in a circuit. The resistance is measured in ohm. The ohm amount is an indication of the power output of your vape. This picture will most likely help you to understand Ohm’s law better:

To determine the resistance (ohms) in a circuit, the formula will be changed as follows: R=V/I. This is visually represented in the picture above.

Why is it important?
As the device works as a result of an electric current, it’s important to understand the working of it. Furthermore, understanding Ohm’s law will aid you with vape safety. Batteries have different resistance levels, resulting in different power outputs.
The battery with the correct level of resistance should be used. When vaping was still a new trend, smokers weren’t aware of Ohm’s law and the importance that this plays, which resulted in exploding batteries. Nowadays, smokers are more informed of the fact that the power output should not exceed the resistance of the battery.

Regulated Mods
If you feel a little bit overwhelmed, you’ll be relieved to hear that a regulated mod is an easy way to regulate the resistance and power output of your vape. This will ensure maximum safety. The device contains measures that will prevent the exploding of the device when the resistance is below 0.10 ohm. Vapers with unregulated mods should make sure that they fully understand the working of a battery and Ohm’s law.
The resistance of the battery and the power output of a device can have an impact on the type of mod or tank you should buy. At first, understanding Ohm’s law can be tough, but it’s actually a simple formula and there are various videos on the internet that explain the working of Ohm’s law in relation to vapes. Knowing Ohm’s law is a key element for safe vaping.