How to Become a More Eco-friendly Vaper

As people begin to realize the numerous damages human beings have caused to the planet, the need to become sustainable and more eco-friendly as a species is very essential. In this case, vaping is no different. Although, by choosing vaping over smoking, you would have already saved 6 trees a year from getting destroyed. Approximately, this means that you would have saved 352 trees over a lifetime but there is still more that can be done.

Here are some ways on how to become a more eco-friendly vaper:

• Reduce single-use devices
If you vape very often, you should try to use a vaping device that is refillable. Disposable or single-use devices might be useful in an emergency but they put a strain on the environment which isn’t good.

For instance, if you get a mod with a variable wattage mode, you’ll be able to use it with a variety of tanks. This would save you money from having to purchase a new one and of course, it would reduce littering.

• Buy your e-liquids locally
Till now, one of the biggest causes of climate change is the excess use of fuel worldwide with up to 56 million liters burned every day across the planet. A good way to reduce this is by buying your e-liquids locally. This would help to cut down air shipping and contributing to the emissions of carbon. 

Although with vaping hardware, it might become a little hard since most of them are not manufactured within especially for those who reside in the UK. Regardless, you can do your bit by making sure the device of your choice is of high-quality good brands that may cost you more money but their products will last longer for you. This means that you won’t replace them all too often.

• Recycle the batteries
Most of the batteries that come with vape devices nowadays are rechargeable and last for long periods but this doesn’t mean they’ll last forever. They are going to surely need a replacement as time goes by.

When you get a replacement, instead of discarding your old batteries, try to recycle them. 

• Reuse e-liquids
Taste is subjective and this also applies to e-liquids. Another fact about taste is that it can change. You can love a flavour for a few weeks and hate it the next week. It happens. This can cause you to own half-filled shortfills you’re probably no longer interested in. It will be wrong for you to toss them away or empty them down the drain because e-liquids could be hazardous to children and animals. 

Instead of wasting the vape juice, you could give it to a family or friend who enjoys vaping to use. Better still, you can try mixing it with another flavor, it might shock you how much you’ll enjoy it.

• Safely dispose
The safest way to dispose of unwanted e-liquid is by emptying it into a material that is absorbent. Materials like cat litter and sawdust can absorb your e-liquid. All that will be required of you are popping the empty case into a compostable bag and disposing of it with your normal waste. Cat litter and sawdust can be bought at local shops around. They are also pretty cheap

In conclusion, to become an eco-friendly vaper, stick to the rules above.