If you’re a smoker, you may be all too familiar with that feeling of panic as you board a six-hour flight where lighting up is strictly prohibited. If you’re not much of a flier, maybe you can relate to that sense of dread as you pull into really heavy traffic….and BAM!…your nicotine cravings kick in, but the children are in the back of the car and there is nothing you can do about it. You get worried because you know you'll have those nicotine cravings while you travel.

There once was a time before the e-cigarette came into the picture…...

Cast your mind or imagination back 30 years ago. You could practically light up anywhere. Trains, planes, hotels and even children’s play areas, not to mention the local bar. Come 6 o’ clock many a watering hole would be literally heaving with weary employees looking to shake off the stresses of a grueling eight-hour day in the office with a cold alcoholic beverage and a cigarette.

Everywhere you looked, from roadside billboards to your daily tabloid you would see cigarette adverts cleverly placed inviting you to light up, take a load off and indulge. Some would say: those were the good old days, when smoking was not only still sociable acceptable, it was actively encouraged!

Fast-forward to 2013 and we are living in a very different landscape. Smoking is frowned upon, a social taboo and considered very anti-social - especially around children.

If you are still indulging in a guilty drag on a traditional cigarette, you can’t deny the fact there are inherent health risks involved. So if you haven’t quit or discover the wonders of the discreet electronic cigarette yet, you must face the reality that nicotine cravings are very real and can often be distressing.

While arguments for prohibitive smoking laws remain valid and often undisputed by many smokers, it doesn't take away from the fact that when you’re desperately craving a nicotine hit, any law which limits you from having so much as one pull, is nothing more than a drag, pardon the pun. Below you will find a range of tips and ideas that will help manage your nicotine cravings without actually smoking. Not only that, but you’ll also discover a pretty handy alternative that could possibly be the answer to your problem.

Tips to help you manage your nicotine cravings while travelling
·Gum – chewing nicotine gum releases small doses of nicotine when chewed, and can be the perfect travelling companion. Many people have found great relief with nicotine gum and have used it as a support aid to help them quit smoking for good when willpower was just not enough. But what if you are not a fan of chewing or find the particular taste not to your liking?
·Patches – These release nicotine directly through the skin and some can be worn for up to 24 hrs, and are a great product for someone who is ideally looking to quit smoking all together. But what if you have no intentions of quitting and just want a quick puff?
·Lozenges- work much like the nicotine gum. However, unlike the gum, a lozenge will last for around half an hour and you basically suck on them until they fully dissolve in your mouth. Warning: these are not recommended if you have any open mouth sores. However, lozenges are not enough if you want the real feel of having a cigarette in your hand. Then we can go to our next alternative.
·Electronic cigarette with nicotine- this is your answer if you’re so used to taking a drag of a cigarette and can’t imagine a day without it. With an electronic cigarette, you get the feel of a real cigarette plus the nicotine you desire. And since it expels vapor and not smoke, it doesn't affect other passengers either! Better still, you can get all this at a cheaper price than what would spend on cigarettes in a month.

Manage the cravings
We make electronic cigarettes with liquid nicotine, also called ‘e-cigarettes’, which are the smoking commuters’ answer to managing those annoying nicotine cravings they experience when traveling.

·Just draw on the electronic cigarette filled with liquid nicotine, and this triggers the battery powered electronic atomizer. The atomizer heats the diluted nicotine E-liquid and creates a vapor you deeply inhale into your lungs.
·Tip: Do not draw as hard as you would on a cigarette. It's not necessary with e-cig devices. 

So, the next time you travel or expect a long frustrating car journey where there is no chance of lighting up. Make sure you are armed with your e-cig with your choice of nicotine level, and discover the secret that many of today’s smoking commuters are enjoying everyday.