What Is Stealth Vaping?
Stealth vaping is a technique used to vape discreetly. Vapers use this method to avoid drawing unwanted attention to what they are doing, so they can still engage in a vaping session. This strategy requires you to take small-sized hits to avoid any type of noxious odor or a huge vapor cloud. Although stealth vaping does limit the amount of vapor produced, it can still produce enough vapor to be visible.

Therefore, you should not stealth vape in places where vaping is banned. Otherwise, if you are caught, things could end up badly.

How Do You Stealth Vape?
Stealth vaping is mainly about being discreet and using common sense. While part of being able to master this form of vaping is mental, the physical aspect is fairly easy. The mental portion is all in your head because when you want to avoid attention, it is easy to think everyone else knows exactly what you are doing. You just need to keep in mind, most people will be caught up in what they are doing to even realize what you are doing. To be successful with stealth vaping, simply follow these four easy steps.

·Step One Use a smaller device. Smaller vaping devices are easier to hide in your hands, create less noise, and produce less vapor. This will help to avoid any unwanted attention. Remember, the smaller the device, the easier it is to conceal.
·Step Two - Cover up any lights on your device. Typically, vaping devices have at least one small LED light that will turn on when you power your device to take a hit. In most cases, it is small enough to cover up with your finger. However, if your device has more than one light, you may want to consider covering it up with some form of tape. If you do not cover the light up, what you are doing will be more obvious to other people (especially if you are in any type of dim or low-light settings).
·Step Three Take small hits. Each hit should only be a few seconds long. Remember, longer hits may provide a more satisfying hit, but the longer you pull your hit, the larger the vapor cloud will be (even with a small device that produces less vapor). When you are ready to exhale, you will want to purse your lips and exhale the vapor by blowing a tight stream either in a downward fashion or somewhere away from any type of onlookers.
·Step Four- Remember to exhale slowly. The longer it takes for you to exhale the vapor, the more time your body has to absorb the hit (and the vapor)

Is There Any Reason You Should Not Stealth Vape?
While stealth vaping is great when you are in an environment that allows vaping, there is a wide variety of locations that do not allow smoking or vaping on the premises. If you try to stealth or zero vape in these locations, you could end up breaking the law, getting a fine, or even having jail time. Therefore, you should always ensure you are following both the state’s laws and the facility’s regulations before proceeding with a vape session.

Typically, public places do not allow vaping or smoking in their establishment is to ensure all of their customers or patrons are happy. This is because some people are distracted (or even offended) by the smell and or presence of smoke and vapor. Think of it this way. If you were out with friends enjoying a nice beverage, and you suddenly had a foul-smelling odor wafting into your area, there is a chance it could ruin your experience. This is the same for those who do not vape, even if there is little to no odor. For some individuals, even the sight of the vapor can cause their experiences to be ruined.

What Is Zero Vaping?
Zero vaping is another method of stealth vaping where despite taking a hit, the user does not exhale any vapor. This technique should only be used when using a small and concealable vaping device. Otherwise, you could end up revealing yourself by having a coughing fit with vapor (which is far from stealthy).

Once you have learned and mastered this method, you will have the ability to sit next to someone and vape without them having a clue to what you are doing. Zero vaping is like a magician style of vaping. It uses a sleight of hand technique with a small por

How Do You Zero Vape?
Unlike stealth vaping, which is simple, zero vaping is not something you can learn overnight. It takes practice and can take some getting used to. However, with a little practice, it can easily become second nature. In most cases, there are two methods for zero vaping. While each requires you to take a hit for a few seconds, you should always attempt with a shorter hit when you are first attempting this technique.

·Multiple short, rapid hits - With this method, you will use the mouth to lung inhalation method. (This is where you draw the vapor into your mouth for a moment, then take it into your lungs.) To accomplish the multiple short hits technique, you will take a small hit, then quickly inhale a small burst of air from your mouth and nose. Without exhaling you will repeat this process one or two more times. As more air goes in, you should feel your chest expanding. Once you have taken a few short hits (with the additional air), hold your breath for a second or two. Then exhale the hit downwards while pursing your lips.

·The long and deep inhalation - For this technique, you need to take a small puff using the mouth to lung inhalation method. Once you take the small hit into your mouth, inhale along with a deep breath (with the hit) into your lungs for around five seconds. Then exhale with pursed lips in a downward direction. If you experience any vapor leaving your mouth while exhaling, try taking a smaller hit with a longer inhalation breath. The key to accomplishing this strategy is to go slow with your hit and breath. Do not rush yourself.

Remember, the zero vaping technique is not easy, and you will most likely mess up the first few times you attempt it. Do not take it to heart. It is totally normal for this to occur, and you just need to stick to it in order to accomplish this strategy.

Why Do People Stealth or Zero Vape?
People tend to use stealth or zero vaping because many people still view vaping as another method of smoking. Due to this, exhaling vapor can still create a negative social stigma towards those that vape. At times vapers are hassled for vaping, even in areas where it is okay to engage in smoking or vaping. While stealth vaping is used by most for privacy, there are those who use it as a means for eluding the rules and regulations for a location. Therefore, if you decide to partake in stealth or zero vaping, you should ensure you are doing so for the right reasons to avoid adding to the negative social stigma.

How Can I Be More Stealthy When I Vape?
After you have determined your perfect stealth vaping setup, and you understand the basic how-to steps, you need to master a few different techniques to help ensure your success. These strategies include, but are not limited to:

·Take smaller, longer hits - This technique is one of the most effective and popular methods used by vapors. To achieve this strategy, you place the mouthpiece into your mouth and fire up your device. Inhale the vapor quickly and hold it in your lungs for a few seconds, then exhale the vapor. By using smaller, longer hits you will minimize the thickness of the vapor.

·Shirt method - This simple trick takes practice and is harder to execute successfully than other techniques. To use this method, you take a quick hit off your device, then exhale the vapor by blowing it down into your shirt. Keep in mind, if you take too large of a hit, you will end up with vapor clouds coming out of the bottom of your clothes.

·Swallow and nose method - This strategy requires you to inhale deeply on your device, but instead of taking it in normally, you swallow the hit. Once you swallow the hit, hold it in for a few seconds. Exhale the hit back out through your nose. This will assure most of the vapor is captured by your lungs, while any remaining vapor is weakened with oxygen.

·Napkin Strategy - This method is similar to the shirt technique. The biggest difference between the two is you blow the vapor directly into a paper towel or napkin (instead of blowing the vapor down into your shirt). This method will absorb a good portion of the cloud and odor produced because the napkin material works similarly to a filter.

·Hold in your vapor - Typically when you take a hit, you exhale quickly after a second or two. However, if you take the vapor deeper into your lungs when you inhale, hold it for five seconds or more, and then exhale the vapor out through your nose, you will have less (if any) vapor coming back out.

Stealth vaping is easy to accomplish and remarkably effective. However, it is not as simple as whether or not you can do it, as much as learning when it is and is not acceptable. While how you use these techniques are ultimately up to you, you should still take into account how it will affect other people and whether or not there will be any consequences for practicing these strategies.