How To Amplify Your Vapor Production

Vapor production, for many vapers, is a huge part of the entire process of vaping. When E-liquids and vaping devices are reviewed, part of the review always deals with cloud production. Obviously, this is because the particular device and the E-liquid have a lot to do with vapor production. But is there a way to increase vapor output in addition to using products that promote it? The following are a few pointers from avid, experienced vapers regarding how to produce bigger clouds and more vapor:

Learn How to Build Your Own Coils
More vapor will be produced the more that the coil contacts your juice and wick. Less resistance per inch will be offered up by a lower gauge wire. So, without raising resistance, you can use more wire. This basic information barely begins to explore the process of coil building. You will learn more, the more you play with building your own coils.

You Might Need a Larger Deck
The larger your RDA build space, or deck, the larger the coils that can be utilized. Vapor production will be greatly improved by increasing the cotton contact and surface area. A low resistance five wrap will produce less vapor than a low resistance 10 wrap coil.

Switch Your Coil
A big part of vapor production are the coils. There are better options than the standard single vertical coils that are pre-built. Certain coils will make for better production of vapor – those that have numerous wires wrapped around each other. More vapor is produced by more heating up, and more surface area encourages that.

Tank Chimneys and Drip Tips – Think Airflow
Vapor production can be improved with a wide bore drip tip. Also important is the tank’s central chimney size. Amazing vapor can be produced by a huge central chimney. It’s all about airflow – the airiness of your vape is controlled with your airflow setting but the chimney and drip tips are essential considerations. More vapor is accomplished by more airflow. It also cools the vapor but not everyone wants that. It’s a matter of personal taste.

When You Vape, How Do You Breathe In?
That may seem like a silly question but it could have everything to do with your vapor production. There are direct to lung vapers and mouth to lung vapers – two different types. Direct to lung inhalation gives you the most vapor. Inhale quickly and take it right down to your lungs.

What About VG Juice?
Simply put, a higher VG juice equals more vapor production. PG will not produce the same vapor.

Wattage And Your Device
It seems basic but it’s important. With pen style vapes, there’s only so much you can do. But with a higher power device, you have the option of variable wattage or variable voltage and they can support low resistance coils. All devices are not created equally. Rebuildable atomizers or a sub-ohm tank will offer the best vapor production.

Also, the more juice you vaporize, the more vapor you will produce. It seems easy. But how fast your coils heat up is determined by your wattage. Don’t, however, ruin your coils by starting out with an excess of power. Remember what frequently happened to Tim the Tool Man Taylor every time he opted for more power.
Now that you’ve read all the tricks of the trade, it’s time to put this advice to good use. Get ready, get set… vape!