One of the most commonly asked questions in the vaping world is, “how often does one need to change vape coil.” Well, we relate with many of our customers and have chosen to answer this question with some guidance. And we’ve also put together for you the best collection of vape coils you can find in the market.

To begin, note that changing out coils is an important part of owning a vape. Besides, it’s the price you have to pay for the convenience and effectiveness of vape mods.

However, we are not going to mention any particular number of days, because changing vape coils depends on several factors.

For example, your frequency of vaping is one of the most important determinants of how often to change vape coil. A person who uses their vaporizer 10-12 times a day will need to change their coils more frequently than a vaper who uses their device just 4 times every week.

Also, the juices that you use matter. Juices that are high in VG content (sub-ohm e-liquids) wear out coils faster than their PG-based options; the same with juices that contain artificial sweeteners.

The temperature that you vape at also matters in determining how often to change vape coils. Higher wattage causes coils to degrade faster. This factor applies more to variable wattage devices, such as sub ohms, that allow for easy wattage adjustment.

Your vaping habit also impacts your coil. If you’re the type of vaper that rarely practices regular e-cig maintenance, you should expect your coil to burn out faster. Also, chain vaping will produce a similar negative result.

How often do you need to change vape coil: Signs to look out for
There are some signs your vape coil gives off when it has served its term, showing you it is due for replacement. Some of the common signs to keep an eye out on include:

Your vape taste a bit strange
When your vape is tasting a bit “off,” it is a clear sign (this might come with experience).

For example, if you’re already used to a particular e-liquid flavor and you try a different brand, you’ll definitely notice the difference if it tastes different from what you’re used to, and that may indicate that you need to swap your coil with a new one.

A vape might taste odd due to an unclean tank or a flavor swap, which often produces an aftertaste. However, it could also mean that your coil is dirty or old and needs replacement.

Your vape tastes burnt
Every vaper tends to experience a burnt vape at some point. And you’re more likely to notice this if you are a beginner. That’s simply because you’ve not fully understood what coil burning is and what to do to prevent it.

A vape may taste burnt when the coil is no longer in good shape. This taste is always evident as it’s often revolting – it is acrid to the point that it can be retching.

Your vaporiser is gurgling
Your vaporiser tends to start gurgling when it has an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. It could be caused by a flooded talk or faulty coil. Or maybe the new coil is not inserted properly.

In the case of the wrong insertion, you can try to unscrew the coil and properly reattach it to see how the vaporiser behaves. If the issue persists, you can try another coil and observe for a difference.

If you observe no difference, and you know your device does not behave this way before, there is a high chance that the coils are bad. In that case, you may need to contact the vendor or manufacturer directly.

Lower than usual vapour production
When your coil is bad and due for a change, the vapor produced will gradually lessen with time. So if you’re a cloud chaser, you may not enjoy your vaping experience with a bad coil.

Apart from the coil, low vapor production can also be caused by a dying battery.
So, it is important to always check your device’s charge to be sure the battery isn’t running out of power before you decide on replacing your entire coil.

Changing your vape coil: Simple step-by-step process
If you’re new to using mods, you may not have much knowledge about changing a coil. So we’ve put together this simple step-by-step process to guide you:

Disassemble your vape
The first step to changing out your coils is to disassemble your vape. You can simply check your manual to do this, but basically, all you need to do is unscrew the tank from the bottom part of your vape.

You may wrap your device in a paper towel as you unscrew to keep your hands being messed with e-juice.

After unscrewing, flip your tank upside down and twist counterclockwise to remove the tank.

Pour the e-liquid out of your tank
You need to be sure there’s no vape juice left in the device. So go ahead and pour it into a trash can. Another option is to pour it into a small super-absorbent bag, like a cat litter, and then throw the bag away.

Pre-soak your new coil‘s wicking material
If you put your coil directly into your vape device, the dry wick will burn. That’s why you need to pre-soak your new wick using some drops of e-liquid (maybe 5-10 drops), depending on the size of your coil.

However, ensure you use the e-juice you plan to refill your tank with to prevent mixing flavors.

Swap the coils
It is easy to unscrew your bad coil from the bottom of your device. You can replace it with the new, pre-soaked coil.

Continue using the paper towel if you desire to keep your hands clean.

Replace your tank and refill
You are free to screw your tank back on after the new coil is in place. The next step is to refill with your chosen e-liquid.

Boom! You’re now ready to rock with your new coil and fresh e-juice. It’s time to enjoy your vaping sessions again.

Final Remark
How often to change vape coils is dependent on many factors and there are signs you need to watch out for to know your coil is due for replacement.

However, always keep at the back of your mind that a good coil should last you on average two weeks if you use it regularly. And that’s supposing everything is in the right order and you’re following proper maintenance tips.