How Much Vape Liquid Can You Take On a Plane?

How Much Vape Liquid Can You Take On a Plane
If you’re off on holiday anytime soon then you might be wondering how much vape liquid can you take on a plane. After all, the last thing you want is security asking you to throw away your precious e-juice!

Although there are some general rules around flying with liquids, some airlines have different policies in place with regards to taking your vape juice on a flight. 

For those unfamiliar with the rules on flying with e-liquid, things can be a bit confusing. So to ensure you don’t encounter any issues, let’s take a look at the rules in place at the airport, and while we’re at it we’ll also go over the policies of some of the most popular airlines to see how much vape juice you can take on a plane.

** Keep in mind these rules are correct at the time of writing but, as we know, when it comes to vaping/e-cigarette policy, things can change quickly so you should always check the rules before you travel

How Much Vape Liquid Can You Take On a Plane – Airport Rules 
If you’ve travelled on a plane at any time over the past few years, you’ll know that security around liquids is tight. 

Ever since the infamous liquid bomb plot was foiled in 2006, government rules have meant passengers are limited when it comes to travelling with liquids. So what does that mean for those wanting to travel with e-liquid? Can you bring e liquid on a plane? 

Well, thankfully, vape juice is permitted, but keep in mind that if you’re taking it in your carry-on luggage then no bottle can exceed the 100ml limit, otherwise you’ll be asked to throw it away.

If you’re only travelling for a few days then one bottle might well be enough. Alternatively, if you’re going away for longer or you prefer to vape a variety of flavours then you might choose to take a few bottles with you.

With that said, before you pack every flavour you own into your bag, remember that you’re allowed just one small plastic bag for all your liquids. These bags measure just 20cm x 20cm and you’ll need to squeeze all your liquids in there, so avoid taking too many bottles or you’ll be forced to leave some behind.

Taking Your E-Liquid in Checked Baggage
With restrictions on taking e-liquid in hand luggage, you might be wondering whether it’s okay to pack your bottles of e-juice into your checked baggage instead. The good news is that it is – in fact the UK Civil Aviation Authority actually recommends taking liquids in your hold luggage on its website. 

Not only does this allow you to take more flavours with you, but it removes the possibility of having your vape juice confiscated if it doesn’t fit inside your liquids bag so if you’re travelling with hold luggage then it’s always best to pack your e-liquid in there.

Just remember when you’re packing your case to keep your e-liquid in a plastic bag because the last thing you want is to arrive on holiday to discover your vape juices have leaked all over your clothes!

How Much Vape Liquid Can You Take On a Plane – Airline Rules
As we’ve touched on already, airlines set out their own policies with regards to e-liquid and while many of them are identical, some of them do differ. So for that reason, when looking at whether you can take e liquid on planes, we think it’ll it’s a good idea to look at some of the most popular airlines used by Brits, and see what rules they currently have in place.

British Airways: Each liquid must be in its own container of no more than 100ml (3.4oz). You need to put all items in a single, transparent, re-sealable plastic bag of up to 20 x 20cm (8 x 8in) with a total capacity of up to one litre.

EasyJet:  You can only carry liquids, aerosols and gels in containers of 100ml or less when you pass through security. They should all fit into one transparent, re-sealable 20cm x 20cm bag. In total, each customer can carry a maximum of 1,000ml through security. 

Eastern Airways:  Electronic cigarettes may be carried on board as long as they’re carried on your person and you aren’t carrying any refills, so sadly you won’t be permitted to take your e-liquid bottles on an Eastern Airways flight.

Emirates: All liquids, gels and aerosols, pastes, lotions, creams, drinks and other items of similar consistency must be in containers with a capacity no greater than 100ml. Those carried in containers larger than 100ml will not be accepted, even if the container is only partially filled.

Jet2: You must adhere to the regulations of this airline if you wish to keep your vaping products, such as e-liquids. Simply pack up the vape juice of no more than one litre (100ml max bottle size) tightly and present to security before boarding.

KLM: You can bring your shampoo and other liquids in small containers up to 100 ml per item. Please pack all liquids together in 1 transparent and closed plastic bag with a total volume of up to 1 litre. If you want to bring more than that, you can pack the rest in your checked baggage.

Lufthansa: E-cigarettes and vapour devices can be in hand luggage. Also, keep in mind that the liquid need of these items should fit within liquid rules.

Qantas: For all Qantas flights, the standard rules on e-liquids apply so no bottles must exceed 100ml and your liquids must not exceed 1litre in total. Qatar Airways asks customers to keep all liquids in their carry-on baggage. 

Qatar Airways: You may carry liquids, gels, pastes and aerosols in containers up to 100ml (3.4oz) in your hand baggage. Containers larger than 100ml cannot be accepted, even if only partly filled. On their website, Qatar Airways say carrying liquids in your checked baggage is not permitted. 

RyanAir: The standard rules apply with regards to taking e-liquids in your carry-on baggage. For those who want to take more liquids, packing them into your checked luggage is permitted.

TUI: E-Liquids or refills in hand luggage must be packed in a clear plastic bag as part of your liquid allowance. Bottles must contain no more than 100ml. You can take a larger quantity of e-liquid or bigger bottles if you have checked luggage. 

Virgin Atlantic: Generally, all liquids must be in bottles or containers of 100ml or smaller. Unless you need them during the flight, we recommend you pack your liquid items in your hold baggage to avoid security delays.

Other Things to Remember
As well as the rules on vape juice, you should also be mindful of other restrictions which may be in place. To make sure you don’t experience any hiccups, consider the following:

·Rules on vape devices
·Rules on batteries 
·Whether vape devices and/or e-liquid is legal in the country you’re flying to

As with e-juice, the rules on vape kits and batteries may differ depending on which airline you’re flying with. That’s why you should always check the rules with the airline before you travel.