How Might a Mod’s Wattage Settings Determine the Length of Each Vaping Session?

All of us experience vaping in our own unique way. Either we take a couple of hits throughout the day, or we treat ourselves to lengthy vaping sessions when we’re ready for a timeout from our busy and stressful days. Regardless of how heavy of a vaper you are, you will likely find that the wattage level of your mod plays a role in how long your sessions last.

The Relationship Between Your Mod’s Wattage and Your Overall Vaping Experience
As you’ll see, wattage is one simple factor that actually has many effects on your vapes.

Factor #1: Higher Wattages Lead to Bigger Clouds
For cloud chasers who want massive fog production when they vape, you just might find that a higher wattage leads to a shorter session because it suits your cloud-chasing needs. You’re more likely to drag out that session if you are not getting the clouds that you are looking for. But high wattages allow more vapor to be taken in per hit, which means you can enjoy the clouds of your dreams.

Factor #2: Higher Wattages Lead to Bigger Flavor
Similarly, higher output levels tend to promote more flavor. A lot of us who vape enjoy a session primarily because of the flavor. Once our taste buds are satisfied with how much flavor they have received, we feel satisfied and no longer need to keep hitting our mod. In other words, if you vape at a high wattage, you’ll likely notice that you do not feel the urge to take as many hits per session.

Factor #3: Higher Wattages Give You More Nicotine Per Puff
It is safe to say that most of us vape because of the nicotine. As vapers are usually former smokers, most of us hit that mod to satisfy our nicotine-related cravings. The wattage of your mod plays a role in how much nicotine you take in per hit, because the higher the wattage, the more vapor you consume per hit, and the more vapor you consume per hit, the more nicotine you’re taking in. A lot of us stop vaping when that nicotine urge goes away, and so higher wattages may mean shorter vaping sessions. Of course, vaping at too high of a wattage can make your nicotine feel harsh, which can cut your session short for the wrong reasons.

Factor #4: Higher Wattages Provide a Stronger Throat Hit
If you’re vaping because you want to feel a strong throat hit, then you might find that a higher wattage means that you experience a shorter vape session. Alternatively, a lower wattage may lead to an extended session, as it’s harder to enjoy that throat hit sensation.

Factor #5: Higher Wattages Burn Through Your E-Liquid
A vaping session can be cut short because your e-liquid has run out of your tank, and you are feeling too lazy to refill it. The higher the wattage of your mod, the faster it will run through e-liquid. This is because higher wattages allow your coil to evaporate more vape juice per hit, which means that each puff of vapor is using up a good portion of the liquid that’s in your tank.

Factor #6: Higher Wattages Use More Battery Power
Another reason why a vape session may be cut short is because the battery is low, and either you’re somewhere where you cannot charge it, or you simply do not feel like getting up and attaching the batteries to the charger. One way to drain your battery in a relatively short period of time is to vape at the highest wattage setting, which demands a lot of battery power to support each puff that you take.

Factor #7: Higher Wattages Use More of Your Coil’s Resources
The coil of your vaping system uses battery’s power to heat up the e-liquid and turn it into vapor. However, the more power is being fed to your coil, the harder your coil has to work to complete this process. This is why those who vape at high wattages need to change their coils more frequently. If you’re vaping at a higher wattage, you may find that each session ends early because that coil burns out and you don’t want to get up and replace it.

Wattage Really Can Determine Each Vape Session’s Duration Time
Ultimately, the wattage at which your vape mod is set has a lot to do with how long your vaping sessions will last, in more ways than one. This is why you should consider all of these factors when determining which wattage to vape at. Take into account what you want out of your vapes, whether it be enormous clouds, a bold flavor, or a powerful throat hit, and ask yourself how frequently you’re willing to replace coils, charge those batteries, and refill that vape tank.