How Long Should Vape Juice Stay in Your Tank?

You should not keep vape juice in your tank forever, especially if it expires. Some vape juices can even ruin your vape tank if it’s a tank that’s not made of pyrex and stainless steel.
Leaving vape juice inside your tank for a couple of days is totally fine, just make sure you’re not leaving it in there for weeks or month at a time. Leaving vape juice in your tank for long periods of time will definitely affect the flavor of your vape juice and you may notice the color of your e-juice changing, usually getting darker the longer it stays in your tank.

So, if you’re a vaper who has multiple tanks with different e-juice in each tank, read on as we do have a couple of tips that you should be armed with to properly handle your e-juice.

How Long Vape Juice Can Stay Inside a Tank

Vapor Origin does not recommend that you leave your vape juice in your vape tank for prolonged periods of time. If you’re in the habit of vaping different flavors, try not to keep e-juice in your tank longer than it needs to.

We recommend that you not keep the e-juice in your vape tank for more than 14 days as your vape juice will start get darker and the flavor you get from it will get less and less over time.

Also, keep in mind that ever vape juice has an expiration, typically 1 years from the date it was manufactured. So, it’s always good to check the expiration date on the back of your bottle and make sure that you empty out your tank before the e-juice expires.
Always make sure to purchase your vape juice from reputable online vapor stores, because there are some stores that will put fake expiration dates on vape juice bottles that didn’t sell within their expiry period.

We are going to tell you about some common ways to figure out whether your vape juice is still good to vape or if you should throw them out.
How to Know when Vape Juice Has Gone Bad?
There are a lot of tell tale signs that will let you know when your vape juice has gone bad. Here are some of the signs:

Color Change: The best indicator as to whether your vape juice has gone bad is the color. Usually, when vape juices go bad, they get darker in color. So, if you purchased e-juice that was clear and now it’s brown, you should get rid of it right away. Don’t consider vaping it even if it’s the last bottle of e-juice that you’ve got.

Reduced Flavor: The second best indicator is if you notice that your vape juice has little to no flavor. As vape juice gets older, it looses some of its flavor. If you were getting stellar tasting vapor from your vape juice and now your barely getting any, that’s a good indicator that your juice is getting bad and you should toss it out.

Lower Viscosity: The third indicator that your vape juice is going bad is if it becomes less thick, the more watery your vape juice is, the better you’re off by throwing it away.

Foul Smell: If you’ve had vape juice sitting in a tank for a long time and it’s starts to have a bad smell, chances are it’s expired and should be thrown out as quickly as possible.

We have a few tips that will help you preserve the life of your vape juice. Here are some quick tips that should help you out!

3 Tips to Preserve the Life of Your Vape Juice

Proper Storage: The best way to lengthen the life of your vape juice and to keep it tasting as good as possible is to store your vape juice in a cool, dark place. Heat and light are the biggest enemies of your e-juice, so keeping them in a cool place will keep your juice tasting as good as when you first got it.

Seal Your Vape Juice: Keep your vape juice bottles closed. Air does not react well with vape juice. Keeping your bottles airtight will reduce the e-juice’s exposure to air, making it last longer.

Store in Glass Bottles: Store your vape juice in glass bottles, do not keep it in your tank or in plastic bottles if you’re planning on keeping it for a few months. Using tinted glass bottles is the best way to go because it will keep out light and slow down the decomposition your e-juice. Just make sure that you don’t use the vape juice past its expiration date.

How to Remove All of your E-Juice From a Vape Tank

It’s extremely important to clean your vape tank after removing old, expired vape juice. Removing your vape juice is good, but you also have to thoroughly rinse out and clean your vape tank. Here are the steps we recommend to completely clean out your tank:

Take the tank off your mod/battery
Empty out your vape tank
Disassemble your vape tank & throw out the old coil/atomizer
Rinse out all the component of your tank with hot water
Make sure you get hot water in all of the tank’s nooks and crannies
Use some hand or dish soap to clean the tank if you need to
Get yourself a paper towel and carefully dry each component
Let your tank dry off for a few minutes
Reassemble your tank
Pop in a new coil
Fill it up with your favorite (unexpired) vape juice and enjoy your vape!

Properly Maintaining Your Vape Tank

Maintaining your vape tank by washing it and cleaning out old vape juice and refilling it with fresh vape juice will keep your vaporizer performing at its best. Now that we have helped you figure out how to clean out your vape tank and how long your vape juice will remain good, we want to share with you a few vape setups that will improve your vaping experience.

Improving your vaping experience starts by choosing a great setup.