How Long Do Sub-Ohm Coils Typically Last?

One of the greatest expenses associated with sub-ohm vaping is coils, yet so many of us don’t properly care for them, which results in them not lasting for as long as they should.  Many vapers are unsure about how long coils should last in the first place, which means that they may think that it’s normal that they end up going through coils every few days.
Today, we shall cover how long those coils should last, and what you need to do in order to make sure that they don’t burn out before they’re supposed to.  As you’ll see, the longevity of your coils really has a lot to do with how much effort you put into caring for them, starting with the priming process and ending with the settings that you select for your mod before you vape.

It Depends
So, first, let’s answer your question.  Typically, sub-ohm coils should last between one and two weeks.  Assuming that the coils are being cared for throughout the vaping process.  If your coils last longer than two weeks, it is either because you’re barely hitting your mod, or because you’re using a coil well past its prime.

How Much Do You Vape?
Like we said, the longevity of your coils depends on various factors, and one of the biggest ones is how often you actually vape.  Basically, heavy vapers will likely go through a coil once every week, while moderate vapers can probably switch them out once every two weeks.

How Thoroughly Do You Prime Each Coil Before Using it?
Another thing that affects how long those coils last is how good you are at priming them.  If you find the priming process tedious and try to cut corners, you can be certain that those coils won’t last for as long as they’re supposed to.  Not priming each coil thoroughly can cut its lifespan by about half, because a wick that’s not properly saturated with e-liquid will burn relatively quickly.

Are You Using the Right Settings on Your Mod?
Another thing that can determine how long each coil lasts is the settings that you’ve chosen on your mod.  As you know, there is a very important relationship between the resistance level of your coil and the output level of your device.  Each coil comes with a recommended wattage range that you’re supposed to adhere to.  Otherwise, you could burn out your coil because your wattage level is just set so high that your coil can’t handle the demands.

How Do You Know When Your Coil Needs to Be Replaced?
If you think you’re going through coils too quickly but can’t really tell when one has surpassed its prime, let us explain to you how you can determine when a coil needs to be replaced.  A dying coil won’t hold freebase e-liquid properly, so you might end up with juice leaks.  Additionally, the flavor will probably taste muddy or weak, and you might get some spit-back. 

Bottom Line, Your Sub-Ohm Coils Require Care in Order to Last!
Yes, sub-ohm coils are meant to last between one and two weeks.  But there are quite a few factors that can cause your coils to die before a week has passed.  Use this guide to make sure that you’re treating your coils properly so that each one lasts for as long as it’s supposed to.