How long do e-liquids really last? We put them to the test in this post

If you’ve recently made the switch from smoking to vaping and are shopping around for e-liquids, you likely have a few questions regarding how long a bottle will last and if you’re really getting your money’s worth.

Admittedly, finding your feet with vaping can be tricky, but selecting the perfect e-liquid is simple once you know what to look out for.

In this post, the experts go through how long a bottle of e-liquid should last you and how much you’ll need to buy to keep on top of those pesky nicotine cravings.

How long should a bottle last me?
On average, a 10ml bottle of e-liquid is equivalent to about 100 traditional cigarettes.

10ml bottles are the most common size you’ll find in vape shops or online, and if you’re a heavy smoker, used to having a pack (or more) of cigarettes per day, it should last you for up to a week.

Of course, if you’re not such a heavy smoker or you opt for a bigger bottle size, your e-liquid will last longer, but how often you use your e-cigarette isn’t the only factor that determines how long a bottle of vape juice is going to last.

Think about how you use it, too.

If your vape is in your hand and you’re puffing on it all day long, you’re bound to run out of e-liquid in no time. Your device itself could be draining your juice much faster, too.

If you’re a competitive vaper using a high-power sub-ohm device to achieve thick, dense vapour clouds, then you’ll also go through vape juices more quickly.

How many bottles should I buy?
The quicker you get through a 10ml bottle, the more you’ll have to stock up for the week or month.

Again, the amount you buy depends on how much you’re smoking, but if a bottle of e-liquid is taking you through the week, budget for 3 or 4 bottles for the month and see how you get on.

If you only consider yourself a light smoker, start off buying 2 bottles for the month – each one should last you for up to two weeks.

Not sure which e-liquid strength you need?

Typically, suitable strengths are as follows:

·Light smoker (less than 10 cigarettes per day): 6mg
·Moderate smoker (10-20 cigarettes per day): 12mg
·Heavy smoker (more than 20 cigarettes per day): 18mg

How do I store my e-liquids properly?
Any bottle of e-liquid shouldn’t be exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures, direct sunlight, or oxygen.

All of these things contribute to a vape juice expiring much faster, so you need to make sure you’re storing them correctly.

Make sure the lid is screwed tightly on the bottle, and store it in a cool, dark place away from sources of heat and light.

You might have heard of some people leaving their e-juices in the fridge, but this isn’t necessary – one of your kitchen cupboards or drawers is perfectly fine.

How can I tell if my e-liquid(s) have gone bad?
Yes, e-liquids have an expiration date.

Any high-quality vape juice should keep for up to two years, even once they’ve been opened, providing you store them correctly.

Unlike other products, e-liquids don’t ‘go bad’ as such. You can still vape them, but after their 2-year shelf life, ingredients begin to degrade – so you won’t get the strength, flavour, our throat hit you’re used to.

Along with changes to the colour and smell and heavy elements resting at the bottom of the bottle, these are all good indicators that it’s time to go shopping for some new e-juices.