How Does Wattage Affect My Vape?

Many vapers may not be familiar with adjustable wattage or how it can enhance the vaping experience. As many of the most popular devices on the market either stick to one power output or have a select few power settings.

Vape Wattage Basics
Wattage is the amount of power your battery is outputting to heat the coil. Frequently found on vape mods this can be adjusted through up and down buttons on the device with a screen displaying the current setting.

Vapers switching from a device like the Eleaf iJust AIO with 3 power settings, to an e-cigarette that can be vaped anywhere between 0-80W, can find it tricky to work out the best power for them.

What Is The Best Wattage For My Vape Kit?
It is a case of experimenting with different settings until you find what works best for you. Before testing different power settings, remember to check the coil you are using to make sure you are vaping at a wattage suitable, otherwise this will cause the coil to burn.

Wattage range can usually be found on the bottom or side of the coil. For more of a thicker vape with large clouds a higher wattage is your best choice. ‘Cloud Chasers’ tend to vape at higher wattage’s as it will produce enough vapour to perform tricks.

Did you know that vaping at a higher wattage is good for new vapers? It provides a warmer vape with more throat hit similar to smoking, making the transition from cigarettes to vaping easier. However, for a smoother vape it is best to use a lower power.

Does Wattage Affect My Vape?
Different wattage levels can impact on the flavour of your vape liquid. Making sure the power you have is right for the e-liquid you are using is important, and can enhance your vaping experience.

Sweet and fruity flavours benefit from a higher wattage to get the best taste, whereas menthol flavours perform better at a lower wattage. Vaping at a higher wattage will go through your battery life a lot quicker. If you’re someone who wants an all day vape using a lower power will do this.

Alternatively, if you are using a more powerful mod the battery life should be fine at a higher wattage. The Eleaf P100 offers a 3400mAh battery that powers up to 100W, with an optional 510 adapter to fit most tanks. This device can offer a powerful vape with enough battery capacity to support it.

Another option would be to use a device with an external 18650 battery. Once the battery runs out just simply swap it out for a fully charged spare and continue to vape.

Vape Liquid Consumption
One thing that can’t be prevented from vaping at a higher wattage is e-liquid consumption. If you’re vaping at more than 40 watts it’s likely you will be using a full 10ml bottle a day. Remember that vaping at a lower power is a more cost-effective option.

It comes down to trying various settings to see what suits you best, there are no right or wrong answers.