How Does The SMOK Fetch Pro Kit Perform?

SMOK Fetch Pro – RPM 0.4ohm Mesh Coil (25W)

SMOK recommend the coil be vaped at 25W so that’s the output I tested it at.
I used Zeus Juice Dodoberry Ice, mixed berry fruits with an extra dose of coolada for good measure. Which is a 70VG/30PG ratio 50ml short fill.

Of immediate value is the coils ability to chuck ‘dem clouds! Vapour is incredibly thick, with plenty of volume even when testing at around 10W.

With Full Airflow

There’s still a slight restriction at this setting but certainly a direct lung vape. The coolada steals the show with flavour production somewhat distant and muted.

While the vape is smooth, the airflow arrangement is demonstrating a degree of loudness. You’re not going to be stealth vaping anyway, given the insane cloud production!

Mid Airflow setting

To be honest, I didn’t notice much of a restriction here. A very similar vape experience to that of above.

Some sweetness from the mixed berries is allowed to filter through but once again, it’s really more about the coolada.

This has now become quite a loud vape during inhale but there’s little sign of turbulence.

Maximum Airflow Restriction

Curiously enough, you’re only going to achieve this with the AFC ring fully closed off. Proof, if needed that SMOK has designed this latest version of the Fetch as a DTL vaping set up.

While this is a very restrictive DTL hit, there’s little chance of being awarded a satisfying mouth to lung vape, because there’s always too much air circulating around within the chamber of the mod.

Flavour certainly improves with raspberry especially having a chance to come out and play. The rest of the berry profile never gets on the same field as the overriding coolada, unfortunately.

SMOK Fetch Pro Kit – RGC 0.17ohm Kanthal Conical Mesh Coil (40-80W)

I began my tests using Kai Juice Napple Creme freebase nicotine short fill bottle with a 70VG/30PG ratio.

With airflow wide open and running at the minimum recommended power output of 40W I instantly received a nasty throat irritation.

It must be noted that the juice was allowed to sit and prime for a good ten minutes prior to vaping. The presence of air bubbles within the pod also suggested that there were no wicking issues.

Flavour was compromised at this lower setting unsurprisingly enough but there were still traces of pineapple on the exhale.

Cloud production was on par with the 0.4ohm coil and very satisfying.

Going Down..

By lowering the wattage the throat burn subsided but at an obvious cost to the already muted flavour production.

At this point I also observed that the resistance of the coil was beginning to hop around spasmodically. It would shift from 0.17 to 0.15ohm without any clear pattern, without any logic.

I decided to lower the VG/PG ratio further by using Zeus Juice Dimpleberry, another freebase nicotine e-liquid.

With airflow once again wide open at 40W the burning sensation on the back of the throat was masked by the aniseed of the profile, yet still evident.

All very weird stuff! Any attempt at vaping from 50W upwards ended in complete disaster.

Generally speaking the flavour was wishy-washy and somewhat distant. At no point did I experience the dreaded burnt cotton taste associated with a dry hit.

Head scratching stuff!

It almost felt like an allergic reaction to the kanthal, and that’s something I’ve never experienced before!

At this point I gave up on the conical mesh coil. I wasn’t having any luck at standard liquid ratios and just as little using a 50VG/50PG mix.

The viscosity of both liquids should have been perfectly fine with a coil capable of such power.

There’s every chance that I may have just received a dud coil. For this reason it would be unfair to mark down points during the final scoring.

Ergonomic design and not too heavy
Clear, bright colour screen viewable in direct sunlight
Comfortable 510 drip tip
Easy to navigate menu functions
Rock solid battery door and hinge mechanism
Fantastic battery life using the 0.4ohm mesh coil (RPM pod)
Zero battery rattle

0.4ohm coil feels slightly under powered and lacking in flavour property
The possibility of over filling if not careful (subjective)
Minor leaking from the bottom of both coils
Too much airflow from dual intake channels
Quite a loud vape using the 0.4ohm mesh coil (RPM pod)

Final Review Verdict

SMOK has done a super job at upgrading the look and appearance of the Fetch. The extra contouring and beveling is cleverly used to adapt to the space required for that 18650 battery.