How Do You Know If Vape Juice Is Expired? | Detailed Guide |

Do you ever taste the expired vape juice?  If no, remember when you taste an expired e-juice, you might experience a flavor that is dull with a weaker throat hit. Anything expired will get the change in its taste. It will not be an enjoyable experience.

Why Does It Expire?
Nicotine oxidation and flavor degradation are the two reasons why it expires.
·Nicotine oxidizes when it is left in direct sunlight or the warmer temperature. In addition to this, it can oxidize when the bottle remains open for too long. Thus, its flavor gets affected and have dramatically harsher throat hit.
·Flavor Degradation is when the flavor gets degrade after keeping idly for a longer time. This will result to bring change in the flavor. It can feel you a chemical taste.

Signs That Your E-Juice Is Expired
There are several ways to identify the e-juice, which is expired.
You can first look at the lable of the bottle to find the expired date or later smell it. If you end up vaping, don’t get worry about it.  Here are some differences you can notice in the taste of e-juice.
·The juice becomes darker than normal
·Its flavor gets dull
·It smells bad
·It does not give smooth throat hit

Is It Harmful To Vape Expired E-Juice?
No, it is not harmful but you will not experience the freshness. Like any other product including milk, e-juice also has the expiry date and once it has expired, will not worth to taste. It means, it will carry chemical taste that will deteriorate the taste of your mouth.

How To Keep E Juice Fresh For A Longer Time
1.    Store It In The Cool Dark Place
Ideal room temperature with the darkness of cupboard and drawer is perfect. This is the ideal place along with ease of access whenever you want to vape.

2.    Make Sure Your Bottle Is Sealed
When you use your vape juice, make sure to close the bottles tightly and store it away from the direct sunlight in ideal temperature. Your bottle has the active seal if you close your bottle tightly you will be able to preserve its taste for a longer time.

3.    Store In A Refrigerator
Fridge or refrigerators are considered the best place to store for fresh flavor for a longer time.  Undoubtedly, the refrigerators are perfect when the door is closed. It maximizes the longevity more than two years, but you will not going to wait for two years.

Now, you are equipped with the completely needed information to keep your e-juice fresh for a longer time. Still, if you have any questions reach your local vape shops or online stores.