How Do I Know When to Change My Vaporizer Atomizer?

When it comes to vaping there are a few things you should really stay on top of. One of the most frequently asked questions we get is how do I know when to change my vaporizer atomizer? Now there are several factors that can have influence here but let’s take a look at the main 3 answers to the question.

1.Reduced Vapor: If you start to experience less vapor or lower quality vapor clouds then there is a good chance that your coil is burning out. Although it could be a few other things this is the case, reduced vapor is the main sign that you will need to replace your atomizer coil.
2.Burnt Flavor: On some vape pens you will notice a slight burnt flavor when your coil starts to burn out. Depending on the liquid and which model you have it could taste a little stronger
3.Leakage: Leaking from an atomizer happens when the coil cannot generate enough heat to vaporize the liquid. Chances are if you have been vaping for a while you have tasted your liquid once or twice or at least had to wipe it off your lip. Since some clearomizers will need to be opened and closed to fill up with vape juice, you will notice it becoming harder to create the air-tight seal it originally had.

These are the main signs that it is time for a vape tank replacement. The longer you wait the worse the experience will be. Some people like to buy atomizer coils in bulk just to make sure they never run out and have to wait for a replacement!

What are the Main Factors in How Fast my Atomizer Coil Burns Out?
Although there are all different kinds of vaporizers to choose from, when it comes to how fast you burn through your atomizer coil there are several things that can play a role here. Another one of the most frequently asked questions we get from customers is “What are the main factors in how fast my atomizer coil will burn out?” Let’s take a look below at some of the main contributing factors:

1.Your Liquid: We will start with the liquid because many people don’t realize how much effect this can have. The acidity level and a few other factors can actually influence how fast your coil will burn out. Generally, the higher the acidity level of your liquid then the faster it can help to burn out your atomizer coil. The same can be said about the VG level content you are using, although maybe not to the same severity. Both will deteriorate the inner parts of your atomizer and ultimate burn it out faster.

2.Wattage & Voltage: Most people understand that the higher the wattage and voltage they use the faster they can burn out their atomizer coil. You can even tell the heat from the vapor is higher when you take up the Watts and Volts too high. But we get a lot of inquiries as to why this happens. Think of it like your car or a pair of shoes. If you drive your car very aggressively that may be fun but you are actually beating up the engine, suspension and all other parts. If you are using a higher wattage and voltage than most people you have to expect the same kind of results meaning that you will most likely have to change your atomizer coil faster than most people.

3.Frequency of Usage: Clearly this one makes sense. Obviously the more you use it the faster it will burn out. If you find yourself using the vape all day, then clearly you should expect your coil will burn out faster than a friend who uses it much less frequently. Regular care and maintenance of your atomizer is recommend.

It is very important that you keep your atomizer coils fresh and new. This is the only way to maintain the highest quality vapor clouds. If you let your coils get old, you are essentially cheating yourself out of all the great flavors and the experience of vaping. Regardless of what kind of vape you have or what your favorite flavor liquid is the whole point is to get the best clouds and enjoy the flavor as much as possible.

How To Change Your Vape Tank Coil?
Knowing how to change your coil on your vapes atomizer tank is very important. It's pretty easy to be able to change your whole tank but it becomes expensive to do that. Not all atomizer coils are going to be exactly the same but you can get the gist of it.

1.Start off by unscrewing the battery from the whole atomizer vape tank.
2.Take your atomizer and empty it. Run it under a running water preferably, if you can.
3.Using a towel, dry it off really well. Put it somewhere warm if you can.
4.Unscrew the bottom metal piece on the bottom from the vape tank then unscrew the coil.
5.Put the new coil onto the bottom.
6.Use a dripper to fill up the sides of the atomizer until about 3/4 of the way.
7.Close up the mouthpiece and vape away!