How Do I Know When My Disposable Vape Is Finished?

How Do I Know When My Disposable Vape Is Finished?
So, let’s say you’ve bought a disposable vape kit when you’re out and about or maybe you’ve purchased a few online. They are undoubtedly the most familiar type of vape kit because they have a wide range of flavours, (most have) 2ml of 20mg nicotine strength, and because of their draw-to-vape simplicity, they really help those looking to make the switch. These disposables are filled with 50/50 e-liquids, which have a balance between an equal part of high vg e-liquid (vegetable glycerin) vg & high pg nicotine e-liquid. Most people frequently use disposable vape devices because people find they can just take them anywhere - within reason - and they don’t have to worry about dropping or losing them. It’s an optimised form of vaping that people love because it delivers a reliable nicotine shot and you don't have to carry around a spare 10ml bottle. After using them for a while, users will often transition to pod kits and starter vape kits and use Vampire Vape e-liquids or other kinds of 10ml e-liquids.

Disposables are manufactured to TPD regulation which means they cannot exceed 2mg or 2ml of pre-filled nic salt liquid. As a result, disposable devices are created with a fitted internal battery that will typically correlate to the amount of nicotine salt e-liquid that’s present in the device. In theory, this means that nothing is wasted and there’s never any charge left in the battery when the liquid chamber is empty. 

However, this can sometimes be an uneven process because of external factors that affect the device. For example, if the device is exposed to excessive heat or extreme cold, the battery may drain faster than usual. You should also never leave your device in direct sunlight; this could damage the device's case or raise its internal temperature to a point where it becomes faulty. Finally, the way you vape can affect the puff count – which will usually be around 600 puffs. All disposable device manufacturers use this as an estimate only. The puff count can be significantly reduced by vaping style. So, if you find you’re taking frequent puffs or longer and deeper inhalations, this may reduce the number of puffs you receive.

You might come to a point though where you’re not sure if you’re device is done. That last thing you’d want to do is throw away you’re kit before you’ve gotten your money’s worth. So, let’s break down the ways you can tell if your disposable vape is finished…

Check the LED
Typically, most disposable brands – like the ELF BAR 600, the Lost Mary disposable range, and the Crystal Bar disposable – will have a LED light that will light up when you draw on the kit. 

If this does not happen, you’ve likely run out of vape liquid or battery life. If the LED flashes several times (no more than a dozen) while you’re vaping, the kit is telling you that it's exhausted. The bright colour of the LED and the number of times it flashes will differ depending on the device you’re using, but they all tell you the same thing – it’s finished and should be disposed of correctly.

You get a Burnt Taste / Dry Hit
A burnt hit on a disposable signifies that the liquid in the chamber has finished before the battery has run out. When there’s no vape juice left in the tank, you’ll likely get a nasty mouth-to-lung hit that’s caused by the inhalation of burnt-wicking material. You’ll almost definitely notice a burning smell that’s symptomatic of the same problem with your device.
No more vapour/ No more flavour
This is another indication that the wicking material inside your disposable is getting dry without sufficient freebase nicotine e-liquid. You might have noticed that the flavour has become dull or might not be as sharp as it was when you first got started vaping it. This is because less liquid is soaked through the wicking material so won’t be producing as rich an inhale as before. You may have a few more hits before your device dies at this point.