How Do E-Liquids Affect Coil Life?

Coil burnout is a common problem most vapers have to contend with.

There are multiple reasons which could be causing your coils to burn out before they serve their full term. Running high wattage on a brand new coil, for example, not to mention chain vaping.

But did you know your vape juice of choice could also be causing your coils to burn out prematurely?

It might be one of the last things many vapers think about, but the type of e-liquid you are using does indeed determine how long your coil will last.

We will tell you how.

E-Liquid Factors that Affect Coil Life
The first thing you need to keep in mind is that the ratio of PG to VG is a pointer as to the type of vape tank you need to be using with the e-liquid.

In a nutshell, juices containing a higher amount of PG (propylene glycol) are more suited to MTL (mouth to lung) tanks.

E-liquids high in VG (vegetable glycerine), on the other hand, are more ideal for use in sub-ohm tanks and rebuildable atomisers.

Because VG is denser and stickier, you find that it tends to leave a lot of residue behind. Thus, even if you are pairing it with the right tank, regular cleaning is paramount as it can gunk up your tank faster.

Do your Prime your Coils the Right Way?
There are several benefits to priming your coils. Not only does it extend the life of your coils, but also enhances your vape in that it helps prevent dry hits – or new cotton taste.

It is an important step that cannot be missed.

But what does it mean exactly?

Priming a coil is simply the name given to the process of saturating your wick with vape juice before you start vaping. When you swap your coils, you should let the new coil sit for at least 10 minutes before you fire it up.

Therefore, e-liquid in this regard has a positive effect on your coil. Lack of it at this crucial stage will lead to coil burn out.

Sweet E-Liquids may Caramelise
The sweetness level of your e-liquid also has an effect on your coils.

You see, the sweeter the vape juice, the more likely it is to contain sweeteners, natural or artificial. When heated, these sweeteners can caramelise on the coil, and that is not a good thing.

Normally, a vape coil lasts for about a week on average in the case of heavy users. When vaping sweet e-liquids, though, this can fall to within half of this (roughly 3 days) especially when vaping at high wattage.

Besides, when the caramelised juice coats the coil, the wick (made of cotton) will not be drenched as it should. This will cause the coil to heat up, and in effect, result in a burnt taste when you vape.

That said, it is important to make tank cleaning a regular feature of your vaping routine, especially if you are a sucker for sweet e-liquids.

So, any Viable Substitute for Sweet E-Liquids?
The good thing about vaping is the variety it offers, in both hardware and e-liquids. Especially e-liquids!

Therefore, options abound.

If you are a fan of sweet e-liquids but are starting to get concerned about the health of you coils, maybe it might be worth exploring other categories.

Menthol and mint e-liquids are a good example of e-liquids that can extend the life of your coils.

If you would rather something else, fruit-based juices aren’t a bad option either. They are sweet and more coil-friendly as they do not have as much sweetener as their sweet-based counterparts.