How Can Vapers Make Your Voices Heard in 2023?

The vaping industry is experiencing tough times indeed. After a string of deaths caused by exposure to a chemical found in black market THC vape cartridges from a while back, many politicians have declared a war on the vaping industry as a whole. Of course, those who vape know that this agenda is filled with flaws and loopholes. For one thing, if black market THC cartridges are responsible for these recent deaths, why are commercial vaping companies being thrown under the bus? Secondly, why are politicians eager to ban vaping while cigarettes, which kill hundreds of thousands of people each year, are still legal to buy?

It’s easy to feel frustrated and helpless as a vaper. After all, you know that vaping is what helped you quit cigarettes, and you want to see this industry thrive so that it help more people transition from smoking. So, if you’re feeling like you’re at a loss, we’re here to give you some hope.

So, What Can Vapers Do About It?
Remember that all change has to start somewhere, no matter how small. If every vaper finds a way to get involved in the fight against anti-vaping legislation, the government will have a far tougher time convincing the American public that the vaping industry must be squashed. So, read through the list below and see how you can help.

Tip #1: Contact Elected Officials
First of all, remember that in our country, we have the power to influence our elected officials, and that technically, our elected officials are supposed to fight on our behalf. Use this key component of democracy to speak up in favor of vaping. Contact elected officials in order to clue them in on the reality of the vaping industry, whether they’re local politicians who are considering shutting down vape shops, or they are members of the health department who are on the fence about whether or not vaping should remain legal.

We always suggest that you call your elected officials rather than email them. This is because when you call their office, you’re far more likely to actually hear back from them. Politicians can ignore a flooded inbox, but they can only turn down phone calls for so long. And, you can always tag them in social media posts, hoping that they will respond.

Tip #2: Look for Petitions
Now is a good time to search for online petitions that support the vaping industry. Many people underestimate the power of petitions, but throughout our country’s history, they have been a great way to change public opinion as well as the opinions of elected officials.

Tip #3: Join an Advocacy Group
Also, there are plenty of pro-vaping advocacy groups that are doing lots of hard work in order to protect the vaping industry. If you want to really get involved and be part of the pro-vaping movement, we suggest exploring the many groups that are out there.

Tip #4: Use Social Media to Spread the Word
Your social media account is your connection to the world, so use it to its fullest advantage. Post links that demonstrate loopholes and hypocrisy in anti-vaping rhetoric. Correct anti-vaping activists who are spreading false information. This is your chance to change opinions on vaping, one person at a time.

Tip #5: Support Local Vape Shops
Your local vape shops need you now more than ever before, as they are the most vulnerable due to their high overhead. So, continue patronizing these shops as a way to support them financially.

Tip #6: Keep Your Friends and Family Educated
Yes, make sure that you always keep your friends and family educated on the realities of vaping. There is still a lot of misinformation out there on vaping, and this is why much of the general public is on the fence about whether or not it should be legal.

Final Thoughts
The vaping community needs to make their voices heard now more than ever. As more and more politicians try to convince Americans that the vaping industry must be stopped, it’s up to the vaping community to fight back. If you want to see the industry continue to change lives, speak up.