Vaping and smoking are two entirely different methods of enjoying dry herbs. One burns your material while the other gently heats it up to release aromatic compounds that accumulate to form vapor. Smoking is notorious for creating lingering odors, while vaping is the exact opposite. In this article we will be taking a closer look at both comparisons.

Vaping vs Smoking
Vaping and smoking are two of the most popular methods of cannabis consumption. Not to mention concentrates and e-juice, vaping is even more popular amongst those looking for a healthier alternative to smoking. Compared to vapor, smoke is inherently stinky and permeates virtually everything it touches. Regarding the smell, smoke lingers and can cause health problems.

Vapor on the other hand is different in that no combustion or smoke by-products are produced from the vapor itself. Aromatic and volatile compounds known as terpenes and cannabinoids accumulate in the form of vapor to provide the user with a healthier alternative to smoke. Reaching a boiling point below combustion ensures the users that smoke is never produced from using a vaporizer.

The health implications associated with smoking are well documented. It is not uncommon to encounter individuals whose lives have been negatively impacted by smoking. The truth is that while the smoke itself can pose serious health risks, the material being smoked should also be taken into consideration. The main culprit behind these health problems is tobacco.

Why Smoke Smells More
When you burn anything, it will release carbons and other pollutants into the air and carry across neighboring areas until it dissipates into the atmosphere. The problem is that smoke is easily absorbed into clothing, upholstery, hair, skin, and other absorbent surfaces. Long after the smoke itself has disappeared, lingering odors may still be present due to resins and other by-products produced by the smoke.

Vapor does not cause this, however. As terpenoids and other aromatics condense into a cloud of vapor, no by-products are produced, and no pollutants can permeate the area. Vapor is light, wispy, and contains no smoke. Vapor quickly dissipates into the surrounding environment and leaves behind no lingering odors.

There is, however, a noticeable smell that will quickly dissipate after exhalation. Naturally, if you were to blow the vapor directly onto clothing or other surfaces, you might have a slight herbal odor that will dissipate with time. Unlike smoke, vapor only carries the essence of cannabis and not the pollutants created by burning material. Using e-juice will create a thicker vapor, and so this will also have to be taken into consideration since bigger vapors leave behind stronger smells.

How to Reduce the Smell
If you smoke, there are devices that are sold which can be blown into during exhalation that will absorb the smoke and filter it out. This will eliminate smoke and odors by way of a filtration system such as a carbon filter. These are excellent at filtering smoke and their by-products. If it can work this well for smoke, it will completely kill any odor associated with vapor.

In fact, using vapor exclusively on one of these devices should make it last longer too. The reality is that you do not really need such a device when it comes to vaping. If you happen to use a dry herb vaporizer outside, there is no risk associated with doing so since dry herb vapor is naturally light and wispy.

Using a wax or e-juice box mod will require a little more vigilance if you want to stay odor-free. It should be noted that sticking a vape into your purse or pocket could permeate the area and make it smell a bit. Keeping your vape in a separate container inside your purse or pocket can fix this. Blowing vapor into a sleeve or away from others will ensure you do not have any lingering odors.

Why Vapes Smell in the First Place
Vapor is not all that stinky compared to smoke. If you find that you have a lingering odor associated with your vape, it could be due to the fact that you have material in your chamber that is either leaking, or not vaped completely. This will release those aromatic compounds to create a noticeable smell that, while not as strong as smoke, is still present.

Putting a freshly hit vape that is still warm back in your pocket is still technically creating vapor inside your pocket! While it might not be as strong, it is hot enough to release those stinky terpenes and create a smell in your pocket. Always allow your vape to cool down before sticking it back into your purse or pocket.

Another reason that is often overlooked is the fact that you might have a dirty vape. If you fail to clean or maintain your vape after every use, it will start to smell. Resins and other residues accumulate after a while and can create a smell that is not as bad as a dirty pipe but will still be strong enough to be noticeable. The quick solution is to clean your vape, keep it inside a separate compartment like a Ziplock bag, and always aim to finish your material with every vape session.

Final Thoughts
Vaping will always be much more popular than smoking thanks to the research done to show the negative effects of smoking on human health. In fact, smoking can also have detrimental effects on the environment. Cigarette butts and the risk of wild fires remains a real threat when it comes to smoking.

Vapor is cleaner and much safer for the environment. It goes without saying that vaping is a healthier option over smoking and creates less waste. Over time this can save you money since you never have to buy lighters, paper, or risk having a broken glass piece. While vaporizers do have to be maintained with replacement parts, they are affordable and efficient.

Smoking will always leave behind an odor unless you blow the smoke into something that can absorb it. This is impractical in the long run. Vapor is so much more convenient and does not leave behind any lingering odors. Ditch the smoke, pick up the vape and enjoy!