How are Some Open Pod Systems Able to Handle Freebase and Salt-Based Nicotine E-Liquids in 2023?

Are you torn between two different kinds of nicotine? There are a lot of vapers out there who like to switch between nic salts and freebase e-liquids regularly, and the good news is that those vapers have many devices today to choose from that allow them to do just that without having to carry around two individual setups. So, how do these systems work, exactly? Well, allow us to explain.

If you check out the latest devices, you’ve likely already come across a number of pod kits that can take both salt nic and freebase nic e-liquids. Lauded devices like the SMOK Nord 5 80W Pod System or SMOK NOVO 4 25W Pod System feature this, and it’s quickly catching on throughout the entire vape hardware industry.

Two Different Pod Cartridges
One way in which this type of technology is possible is through providing two different pod cartridges that come with the kit. One pod cartridge contains a coil that’s compatible with freebase nic, while the other is compatible with salt nic. See, each type of nicotine is compatible with a different range of resistance levels. So, when the vaper wants freebase nic, he or she fills the freebase nic pod with freebase nic e-liquid, and when they want salt nic, they take out the salt nic pod and fill it with their favorite salt-based e-liquid. Then, they easily switch between the two different pods as needed.

Two Different Coils
Another option, which is more advanced, is providing one pod that comes with two separate coils. These coils are each installed into the pod cartridge manually. This method requires a bit more care and effort, but it does make things easier in terms of not having to have two separate pods with you throughout the day. The lower-resistance coil is for freebase nic e-liquids, while the higher one is for salt nic. Each coil not only has its own resistance level, but often, a different material that’s more compatible with that particular style of vaping.

Why You Might Want a Pod System That Can Handle Both Freebase and Salt Nic E-Liquids
So, who might benefit from having this type of open pod system? Let’s break down the key reasons why this may appeal to you.

You’re New to Vaping
If you’re new to vaping completely, you may not know yet which type of nicotine you prefer. By having the option to easily choose between the two, you can experiment with each while deciding which one suits your needs better.

You’ve Just Switched from Sub-Ohm Vaping
If you’re using a pod kit for the first time after having been a sub-ohm vaper, you might like having this option. It allows you to adjust to using a pod system without having to commit to an entirely new kind of nicotine. It also means that if you still like sub-ohm vaping, or you want to enjoy a portable kit but aren’t a fan of the potency of salt-based nicotine, you can still enjoy your favorite freebase nic vape juices. And, down the line, you may decide you like salt nic better after all, and that’s fine too.

You Like Variety
Of course, some vapers out there just can’t make up their mind, as they like both. After all, salt nic and freebase nic affect us in different ways, and sometimes we may just happen to want one more than the other at that given moment. If this is the case for you, this versatile kind of open pod system is probably the best option.

Pod-Based Vaping Versatility is Becoming the Next New Norm!
If you’re the type of vaper who doesn’t want to commit to just one type of nicotine, you’re in luck. More and more devices out there offer the ability to switch between freebase and salt nic easily thanks to advanced technology and clever design features.