Game Changer? A New Brand in the Vaping Industry: ANYX

ANYX, a fresh and exciting new vape brand powered by Aspire Group, has announced it will release its first pod system e-cigarette globally in June 2022.

Dedicated to its brand mission of providing high-quality, aesthetically pleasing products and satisfying sensory experiences to users, ANYX incorporates cutting-edge technology and user-driven design to surprise and delight customers with a game-changing product experience. By connecting global users with a shared passion, ANYX also aims to actively promote a delightful, confident, energetic, and inclusive lifestyle.

Despite being a new brand in the market, ANYX are backed by years of experience and industry expertise. In addition to well-known technical experts of the e-cigarette industry, ANYX has built up a team of talents who previously worked for top companies in the sectors of internet, consumer electronics, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), allowing it to secure tens of millions of dollars in funding at its inception.

To date, the brand has accrued more than 1,500 industry patents and established 120 production lines covering three dedicated production bases. It also boasts a strong R&D team of over 120 engineers, advanced production, sales and digital marketing capabilities. This seasoned team has enabled the brand to provide the global community with safe, dependable, and high-quality atomization products that distinguish it from the competition and add value to the brand’s partners.

As vaping technology grows in popularity, more people are looking for products that offer enjoyment and sensory pleasure. In line with its mission to create social products and build a user-driven brand, ANYX hopes to use its products to strengthen the bonds amongst global vaping enthusiasts and promote communication for a more diverse, pleasant, on-trend and energizing experience.

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