If you’re a pod mod enthusiast, or a collector, or just someone who needs to own every one of the 280 pod mod devices released each month, let me save you the trouble of scrolling – the FreeMax Maxpod is a perfectly functional, decent pod vape. There’s some improvements under the hood, and it satisfies in its delivery of high-nicotine/salt-type e-liquids. For that reason, it earns its score of “B.”
If you keep buying pod mods in hopes that the next one will be then to dominant the cheap, convenience store vapes across the landscape? Well, put down your credit card, because the Maxpod isn’t quite ready to assume the throne.

Let’s start with the specs…
Discover the FreeMax MAXPOD Pod System, a compact portable vaping system, featuring an integrated 550mAh rechargeable battery, 3-tiered power level, and utilize coils from the SaltCoilTech 2.0 Coil Series. Constructed from durable zinc-alloy, the chassis of the MAXPOD Pod System contains the 550mAh integrated battery that can deliver power in a three tiered output system identifiable via a LED Battery Indicator
Light. Attached via magnetic connection, the 2mL pod can be refilled via a silicone stoppered side fill system, while coil changes are facilitated via bottom press fit connections. Included are two coils utilizing NS Mesh technology, inspired by the Fireluke and M Pro product series.

FreeMax MAXPOD Kit Features:
·Dimensions – 100.81mm by 21.81mm by 14mm
·Integrated 550mAh Rechargeable Battery
·Wattage Output Range: 8-11W
·Constant Voltage Output: 3.3V
·Coil Resistance: 1.0ohm-1.5ohm
·3-Power Levels
·Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction
·LED Battery Indicator Light
·2mL Refillable Pod
·Side Fill System – Silicone Stopper
·FreeMax SaltCoilTech 2.0 Coil Series
·0ohm NS Mesh Coil
·5ohm NS Mesh Coil
·Press-Fit Coil Installation
·Magnetic Pod Connection
·Short-Circuit Protection
·Open Circuit Protection
·Overcharge Protection
·Low Voltage Protection
·8s Cut-Off Protection
·Over-Discharge Protection
·MicroUSB Port
·Available in White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Black

Aesthetics of the Freemax Maxpod

The look and feel of the Maxpod are in line with similar pod devices. But I have to hand it to FreeMax for moving past the matte plastic design most have employed on other pod mod releases in this price range. The Maxpod is built of solid zinc alloy and sits among the best, most-durable devices in the endless lot of items we’ve tested.
The pods themselves are standard-fare for anyone who’s used one of these beginner vape mods before. They’re integrated into the mouthpiece, with plug and play coils, and remove easily for filling and coil replacement.
Once in place, they lock in with a confident magnetic “snap” sound, and the device is ready to go. Each one offers the industry-standard 2mL capacity, with a versatile 1.0- and 1.5-ohm resistances – snug, but not like vaping through a straw, either.
Filling isn’t bad, considering the messy nightmares we’ve had with other pod mods, but the Maxpod still caters to those with needle-tipped bottles, and not droppers like so many companies insist on still using. Instead, the kit comes with a simple offering of the device, two coils and a tiny microUSB charge cable you likely don’t need anyway.

Vaping the FreeMax Maxpod
Taking design cues from countless competitors, the Maxpod is a wider, more-rounded affair than similar offerings. And it’s likely that this was done to accommodate the 550mAh integrated battery – nearly double the capacity of most devices in this category.
With this wider frame comes a suitably wider mouthpiece, but don’t be fooled into thinking the Maxpod has loftier dreams than snug, mouth-to-lung vaping. Nope, there aren’t any foggy, direct lung hits to be found here, no matter how much battery power sits under the hood. The Maxpod is a tight, authentic smoking-like experience for new vapers, or just those who long for those cigarette-like draws.

The three included power levels are here for more-advanced users, but to be honest, the middle (default) level is fine for the limited wattage output. The high level burns too quickly, and the low level is too weak for most modern vapers. Just stick with what’s there out of the box and you’ll be fine.

Only 550mAh battery
On the positive side, the battery is the star of the show. The Maxpod’s 550mAh cell outperforms most internal batteries twice its size, and I managed to get 4+ hours of STEADY use out of it before the tiny LED light indicated it was time to plug in. If you’re used to dual-18650 mods, there’s nothing here that’s going to impress you. But if you’re comparing similar devices, don’t be put off by the 550mAh designation – this battery can flat out perform.
That’s why it’s a shame that the actual vape quality isn’t up to the same standards. Sure, it vapes well enough, with quick ramping, solid throat hit (when using appropriate nic salt-type liquids) and warm, relatively thick vapor.
But the Maxpod’s flavor quality isn’t nearly as good as today’s more-advanced devices. Or even similar traditional pods. They offer a much more layered balance of flavors than this. I could taste my salt liquids fine, but I knew what other flavor nuances I was supposed to be enjoying. They never quite came through.

Replaceable Coils

The replaceable coils are perfectly suited for salt e-liquids. But there isn’t any versatility to try non-salt juices. Nor do the coils last particularly long. I managed about a week for each of the included heads — well below the industry standard. They’re good while they last, but we’re used to similar coils being much more durable.
Finally, for a pod mod, the Maxpod’s mouthpiece gets awfully warm after just a few repeated draws. Again, nothing tragic or off-putting, but this residual heat didn’t seem to align with the weakness of the flavor underneath. A little disappointing to see a dropoff in flavor quality when FreeMax’s products are usually so focused on just that.

·Great battery performance
·Simple, no-fuss design
·Snug draw is perfect for MTL fans
·Coils are just okay
·Some flavor loss with more-complex liquids
·Gets hot, even with low-wattage output

Bottom Line
Overall, I liked the FreeMax Maxpod enough that it earned a spot on my wall of devices to revisit. I didn’t LOVE the flavor. I did appreciate the simplicity, draw quality and outstanding battery life. The Maxpod will be used in the car from time to time, and when I need to be a little stealthier about my vaping.
No it’s not “necessary vape gear,” or even among the best pod mods we’ve reviewed recently. But if you’re looking for a solid, no-frills pod mod vape, the Maxpod is on par with its competitors, and performs exactly as the price point promises.