Freemax Marvos X Review: Another Home Run by Freemax!

Product intro and specs
The Freemax Marvos X is the latest AIO kit by Freemax, a company best known for making some of the best sub ohm tanks and coils in vaping. This tradition started with the excellent Fireluke line and continued with various other products, from sub ohm tanks like the Mesh Pro and the Maxus series, to disposable tanks like the GEMM.

The X is the latest in the line of Marvos devices, a few of which I’ve reviewed and enjoyed in the past. It is a single-18650 battery device with a color screen and adjustable wattage. The included Marvos CRC pod tank has a 5 mL capacity and uses Freemax’s latest coil line named MS-D.

The Marvos 60W with its excellent coils and accurate spec ratings was the AIO to beat in 2021. Keep reading to find out if the Marvos X takes the crown this year.

Price: $49.95 (at Direct Vapor)
Colors: Grey, light blue, navy blue, black, brown, and green.

·Dimensions: 137 mm x 33 mm x 31 mm
·Capacity: 5 mL (TPD 2 mL)
·Resistance range: 0.1-3.0 ohm
·Output wattage: 5-100 watts
·Output mode: Power/Smart/VPC/Bypass
·Battery: External single 18650
·Output voltage: 0.7-4.2 volts
·Input voltage: 3.3-4.2 volts
·Charger specification: 5V/2A

Kit contents
·1 x Marvos X 100W mod
·1 x Marvos CRC pod tank
·1 x 0.15 ohm MS-D mesh coil
·1 x 0.25 ohm MS-D mesh coil
·1 x Type-C USB cable
·1 x Warning card
·1 x Warranty card
·1 x User manual

Build quality and design

The Marvos X is a medium-sized AIO. Standing at 137 mm x 33 mm x 31 mm, it’s not as small as your average internal battery AIO, but about the size of a compact single-battery kit.

I received the brown color. Unlike many systems where the frames are all the same color and the only color difference comes from the panels, the Marvos X actually has fully different color frames and matching tanks. There are two black-framed options (gray and light blue,) two silver-framed options (navy blue and black,) and two gunmetal-framed options (brown and green).

They are really great-looking devices. They combine classy with techy as far as design goes. The devices come with leather panels on the battery cover and each color has its own design etched into it. The design on my brown one looks like a horse and shield, which they list as the symbol of Neptune, the Roman god of the sea. The other two design options are inspired by the gods Mars and Jupiter.

The techy part of the design comes from the LEDs which are visible through the clear front panel as well as the around the leather backing, allowing you to see the chip. It’s really a nice touch, and it makes it one of the better-looking devices I’ve reviewed.

There are three buttons on the front of the device: a fire button above the screen, and up and down buttons under it. All the way on the bottom of the front there is also a tiny slider that can be used to lock the device, which is useful for pocketing safely. On the front of the device, you have a beautiful colored rectangular screen with five UI color options.

The design is symmetrical and the device sits comfortably both on the right and the left hand. Branding is very simple with a Marvos X logo as part of the leather panel design. The battery door is a standard magnetic backplate that’s easy to pull off and fits back nicely with no gap. Really well made and works great. All the buttons feel solid in place, are clicky, and have no rattle. All in all, it’s really a good-looking and well-built device.

Getting started

The Marvos X is a pretty simple AIO system to use. It’s not fully basic, but most of the options in it are really for the LEDs.

·Click the fire five times to turn the device on or off.
·Hold up and down to lock the adjustment buttons.
·Use the slider to lock the device.
·To adjust wattage simply use the up and down buttons located below the screen.
·Clicking fire three times takes you to the menu.

In the menu, you can change modes (Power, Smart, Bypass, and VPC) and adjust the LEDs and screen colors. The screen displays the wattage, live voltage when firing, battery meter, puff counter, and resistance.

One thing that’s worth mentioning is that the device is rated for 100 watts, but I don’t like the idea of a 100-watt device powered by a single 18650 battery. They should have capped it at 80 watts, which is more than enough for the coils that you use in it.

The proprietary pod tank it comes with is held in place by magnets and pops in and out easily. To adjust the airflow, there is a typical AFC between the pod and the mod (part of the mod itself.) It’s nice and smooth, has a stopper, and is easy to adjust. The pod is lightly tinted, and since it’s fully exposed, it’s easy to see your juice level. It’s so lightly tinted that it’s practically clear, so thumbs up for that.

The Marvos CRC pod tank takes plug-n-play coils as we’ve seen on many of these devices. Just pull the coil out from the bottom and pop in a new one. You do need to pretty much empty the pod before replacing the coil, but if you do it sideways, a little juice can stay in there. What’s great though is that the coil sticks out enough to be easily removed by hand and doesn’t require a tool.

Refilling the pod tank is easy. You don’t need to remove the pod—it has a locking top, so you pull up on it and then slide it back to expose the large fill hole. Nothing groundbreaking, but it’s a proven great method for refilling these tanks.


The Marvos X Pod uses Freemax’s new MS-D line of coils, which are SS904 parallel mesh coils. The two included are the MS-D 0.15 ohm and the MS-D 0.25 ohm.

As far as performance goes, Freemax has been the gold standard in vaping for coil performance (both flavor and life) for many years, and nothing changes here. Both coils are just fantastic for DL vaping, with the 0.15-ohm coil performing best at around 70 watts and the 0.25-ohm one at around 40 watts. You can’t go wrong with Freemax coils and tanks as they are consistently at the top of vaping for a long time, dating back to the original Fireluke.

Battery life and charging

The device charges through Type-C, and the port is located on the bottom front of the device. They list the charge rate of 2A. In my testing the max I got was 1.834A, so a solid rating there for sure. The Marvos X also supports pass-through vaping, so you can also vape while charging. The device will pause charging while you vape and resume when you release the button.

Pros / Cons
·Solid build quality
·Nice hand-feel
·Beautiful looking device combining techy and classy
·Decently sized for portability
·Six color options
·Large and bright color screen
·Device lock slider
·Two coil options included
·Four other coil options usable in this kit
·Excellent flavor and life from both coils tested
·Coils are easy to remove by hand
·Pod tank is held in firmly
·Tank is lightly tinted
·Good capacity (5 mL)
·Adjustable airflow
·Pods are easy to fill
·Fast charge rate (1.84A)
·Passthrough vaping

·80-watt max would have been better for a single-18650 mod


Overall, the Marvos X is a great device. It’s essentially a single battery mod with a sub ohm tank but made in an AIO form. This is the perfect device for someone who wants a simple and good-looking DL vape to use on the go and would like to be able to switch batteries instead of charging on board.

Thanks to the great coils and the bottom airflow of the Marvos CRC tank you’ll get great flavor, and the mod itself looks great and works well. I can’t really find any flaws in this device, but I would have preferred an 80-watt cap—although you’ll never go over that anyway with the available coil options. Other than this minor con, it’s another stellar device by Freemax.