FreeMax Marvos 60w Kit Review

The Freemax Marvos 60w Kit was sent to me for review from Freemax. This is a sub-ohm pod mod designed for durability.

·5-60 watts
·IP67 Rated
·Adjustable airflow
·0.96″ TFT screen
·Colors: Black, Blue, Gunmetal, and Red
·Size: 123.6mm tall (4.8 in.), 32.6mm (1.3 in.), 30.6mm (1.2 in.)
·$59.99 from


I think this is a nice-looking device. It’s square (looking from the top or bottom) and comfortable to hold. There’s a nice clicky square firing button on the front, a big bright and colorful screen, two adjustment buttons, and a charging port. The device’s casing is made of a combination of zinc alloy and silicone rubber.

The screen shows the mode you’re in, the battery’s charge, the wattage, a wattage lock, the voltage, the Ohm rating of the coil, a puff counter, and your puff duration.

This thing is also super-light. It’s so light that I keep picking it up and thinking I forgot to put a battery in, but it has a built-in battery!

Tri-Proof Protection
The Marvos 60w has what Freemax calls military-grade tri-proof technology. It’s IP67 rated, which means it’s fully dustproof and waterproof up to about 3 feet of water. Freemax also gave this shock resistance.


There are three modes here:

Smart Mode – This mode automatically senses the coil’s resistance and sets it to a recommended wattage. I really like this because I never have to remember what coil I have in here or what the max wattage is of the coil I’m using. This feature always sets the wattage to the right setting and it works great.

Power Mode – If you want to adjust the wattage on your own, power mode lets you adjust it to anything between 5 watts and 60 watts.

Bypass Mode – This mode sets the wattage based on the resistance of your atomizer and the charge of your battery.

You can also change the screen’s colors by holding the firing button and the down adjustment button at the same time. There’s blue, yellow, green, red, and white.

Drip Tip

The 810 drip tip is a removable mouthpiece, so you can use your own here if you’d like. They say the included tip is designed for anti-spit-back, but I still get a little.

Adjustable Airflow

Pod devices don’t always have adjustable airflow so it’s nice to see that here. And when pod devices do have adjustable airflow control, it doesn’t always work so great.

The airflow control is on the back of the device and has a metal slider. It moves smoothly, and you can adjust it about as much as you could want. When you move the slider, the airflow slots on the sides of the device open and close.

Now keep in mind that this is a sub-ohm device, so you aren’t going to get tight draws on here, but you can get a restricted lung draw. So the airflow is designed for bigger hits. But for what it’s designed for, it works really well. The airflow is nice and smooth too, so I like it.

The pod holds up to 4.5ml of liquid, which I think is just right for a sub-ohm pod kit like this. There’s a plug on the bottom of the pod to fill it up. Just pull that out and fill it up.

I also like this pod because it’s not a single piece. The drip tip comes off, the barrel comes off, and you can use replaceable coils. I’m a big fan of replaceable coils in pod devices. And this also means that you can use Freemax’s existing coil heads, which always perform great.

Another nice thing about this kit is that you can upgrade the pods. There’s a glass pod, an RTA pod (for rebuilding the coil), and a pod tank that holds more liquid.

I also want to point out that there is a small amount of leaking, or maybe just some condensation, under the pod and in the device’s pod connection after a short duration of use. So you probably don’t want to leave this sitting with a full pod for too long, and you’ll want to check it often to clean it up.

Several types of coils fit in the Marvos 60w pod but the kit only comes with two.

MS Mesh 0.25 Ohm

This coil is rated for 40-60 watts. The flavor from this coil is amazing. I’m getting some of the best flavor production I’ve ever had. With an e-juice that I’ve been vaping for a long time, an apple flavor, I could taste flavors that I’ve never tasted before. The apple was so much stronger and sweeter.

MS Mesh 0.35 Ohm
This coil is rated for 30-40 watts. And just like the 0.25 Ohm coil, the flavor is really good. Maybe not as good as the 0.25, but close. This coil performs great.

MS 0.15 Ohm

Freemax also sent me another coil that doesn’t come in the kit; the MS 0.15 Ohm. This coil is designed for 60-80 watts. Like the other coil heads, you’ll get a lot of flavor. And this is rated for a much higher wattage, so you can get some way bigger hits if you like a warmer vape.

And there’s one other coil you can use in this pod; a 0.5 Ohm mesh coil rated for 20-30 watts.


The battery inside the Freemax 60w is an internal 2000mAh battery, which I think is a good capacity for a device of this size. It charges with a USB-C cable with 2 amp fast charging and fully charges in about 90 minutes.

Final Thoughts

The Marvox 60w is a great internal battery pod device. It has all of the features and modes that most people would want or need, the airflow is nice and smooth, the coil heads that Freemax uses are excellent for flavor, and the device is easy enough for anyone to open up and use right out of the box. I also love how durable it is while also being super light. The only drawback I have is that the pods have light slow leaking. It happens with almost all pod devices like this, which sucks, but it’s expected; nonetheless, it’s a con. But overall, this is a great kit.