Freemax Launches Marvos X Starting a Full-Spectrum Vaping Era for Pod Mods

Freemax, the world-leading vape brand, has announced the launch of its highly-anticipated Marvos X 100W Kit, which is the latest addition to the Marvos series and the first pod mod equipped with a full-spectrum lighting design.

In March 2022, Freemax released a great box mod, Maxus Solo, which started a full-spectrum vaping era and gained a lot of love from vapers. Now, Freemax pushes into the luminous vape market once again by creating the Marvos X 100W Kit, which is equipped with more stunning light effects and personalized settings that can bring a special full-spectrum vaping and take personal style to the next level!

Full-spectrum vaping, unique expression of individuality

Marvos X has 10 cool light effects, including Alternate, Always on, Circle, Drop, Flash, Gather, Rise, Spread, Tetris, and Waterfall. And on top of that, it has multicolor and unicolor options. In unicolor mode, the RGB values can be adjusted between 0-255 to create the desired color. Besides, the light brightness and the speed at which the light effects change are also adjustable, allowing vapers to customize their own light effect. Millions of colors and a suite of distinctive light effects give Marvos X a unique character that will definitely impress you and attract a lot of attention day or night.

In addition to the shiny and modern lighting design, Marvos X also has a sophisticated back leather panel, which integrates vintage elements associated with Roman mythology. These elements have special hidden meanings that might be a nuanced way of showing personality.

FM COILTECH5.0/Double-D Mesh, the ultimate mesh coil technology from Freemax!

Marvos X not only excels in outer appearance but also in inner power, and the secret of its power is Double-D Mesh, also called FM COILTECH5.0, the ultimate mesh coil technology from Freemax.

One of the most important parts of the Double-D Mesh is the parallel mesh structure, which is designed with two single mesh coils connected in parallel to form a tubular shape, so it can help to boost the instant vaping process with even heating, stable structure and maximum heating surface area. The real heating area of the parallel mesh structure accounts for 95% of the total area, which is 25-35% higher than that of the previous mesh structure. These improvements can significantly enhance the coil’s performance and allow a single mesh coil to achieve the same amazing clouds and super flavors at low wattage as other ordinary double mesh coils.

MS Platform makes “One-Marvos-Fits-All“ possible

MS Platform is inspired by Freemax’s well-known Fireluke series and excels at making abundant clouds and marvelous flavors for RDL and DTL vaping. Apart from the MS mesh coils based on FM COILTECH4.0, MS Platform also has two new MS-D mesh coils based on FM COILTECH5.0, and both of them are compatible with the Marvos series products. With a Marvos X 100W Kit in hand, people can have an unprecedented vaping experience and enjoy the upgrade of technology at the lowest cost.

Marvos X has a power range of 5-100W and is powered by an external 18650 battery with 2A fast charging via a USB-C port. It also supports Power, Smart, VPC, and Bypass output modes, and features a top fill design that is ISO 8317 Child Resistant Certified, a 0.96-inch OLED screen, slide-to-lock switch, two-side airflow control, and FM CHIP 2.0. All these functions constitute the powerful Marvos X for beginners and advanced vapers, and bring them a remarkable full-spectrum vaping journey!