Five Ways Open Pod Systems Make Vaping Salt-Based and Freebase E-Liquids That Much Better in 2023

When pod systems first hit the market, they were pretty simple in terms of technology and design. They consisted of a battery and a pre-filled pod cartridge that snapped together. They didn’t have power buttons and they lacked the variety of settings that sub-ohm users had been used to.

Now, however, pod systems are more advanced with every passing week. One of the greatest upgrades in the pod mod universe has been the development of the open pod system.

What is an Open Pod System Anyway?
There are two types of pod systems, generally speaking, and they are open pod systems and closed pod systems.

·Closed pod systems utilize pod cartridges that are pre-filled with e-liquid by the manufacturer. Typically, they’re purchased in packs of four or five, and they snap right into the battery component. When the juice runs out, the pod is thrown away and a new once takes its place.

·Open pod systems are just slightly more advanced. They’re compatible with pod cartridges that come empty. This allows the user to fill the pod cartridge or specialized tank manually with e-juice, and thrn refill it when they’re done. Pod cartridges that utilize open pod systems tend to continue working after a couple of refills, until the coil eventually wears out and the pod is replaced.

How Do Open Pod Systems Work?
Open pod systems are slightly more advanced than closed pod systems, but they’re still easy to operate. The pod cartridges that come with these systems each have a fill port that’s covered by a silicone plug or a similar structure. When it’s time to fill the cart with e-juice, the plug is removed so that the fill port is exposed. Then, the user simply inserts the spout of their e-juice bottle into that fill port and fills away. They then plug the hole back up and enjoy their vaping experience.

Are There Different Types of Open Pod Systems?
Nowadays, the pod system market is highly advanced and amazingly diverse. Open pod systems come in a variety of styles, and many boast unique technological features such as temperature control, multi-coil capability and adjustable wattage. Some pod systems even utilize technology that allows the user to switch between freebase nic and salt nic e-liquid.

Five Ways Open Pod Systems Make Vaping Salt-Based E-Liquids That Much Better
The world of pod systems continues to evolve as more companies are coming up with new, cutting-edge technology. But, one thing remains true, and that’s the fact that open pod systems are the way to go for vapers who want to be able to have a more controlled and customized vaping experience. If you want to choose your own flavors and save money at the same time, we strongly suggest choosing an open pod system. You won’t be sorry. Need more convincing?

#1: You Can Choose Any Vape Juice Flavor You’d Like
Closed pod systems are often only compatible with pre-filled pods produced by the hardware manufacturer. This means that vapers who use these systems are usually limited to the five or so flavors that that brand produces.

However, with open pod systems, the world is your oyster in terms of flavor. You can enjoy any salt nic (or even freebase) vape juice flavor under the sun because the pod cartridges can be filled with whatever e-liquid you’d like, as long as it contains salt-based nicotine in most cases, which we’ll get to shortly.

#2: You Can Save Money
Yes, switching to an open pod system will almost definitely help you save money. Pre-filled pod cartridges are fairly expensive per pack, and they’re not reusable. However, the pod cartridges that are used with open pod systems can be refilled a few times, and they allow you to fill them with any salt nic or freebase e-liquid. The cost of bottled e-liquid per milliliter is almost always less than the cost of a pre-filled e-liquid pod per milliliter of vape juice.

#3: You Can Control Your Nicotine Intake Better
Another bonus to using an open pod system is that you can decide how much nicotine you wish to consume, within reason. Many freebase and salt-based e-liquid brands offer their flavors in a small range of nicotine concentrations, which means that you won’t have to settle for whatever your pod mod’s manufacturer chooses.

#4: You Can Maintain Your Setup More Efficiently
When you use an open pod system, you can maintain your vaping setup in a more efficient manner. You can clean the coil, clean out the pod cartridge and clean those connections easily.

#5: You Can Enjoy Different Types of Nicotine, Sometimes
As we said earlier, some of the more advanced open pod systems are compatible with both freebase nic and salt nic vape juices. That’s because they utilize two different coil resistance levels that can be switched out easily. As you probably know, the compatibility of a coil and a type of nicotine has to do with the resistance level. If you like being able to go back and forth between the two types of vape juice, you will need to seek out this feature while shopping for an open pod system.