Extend Your Options With a Refillable Pod Vape

Call them refillable pod systems, pod system vapes or pod mods. They all refer to a particular type of vape devices. These are portable, lightweight systems that let you easily vape on the go. You flip open the refillable pod, fill it with juice and go.

Is there a refillable pod vape or pod mod in your future? Here’s what you need to know about these systems.

What Is a Refillable Pod System or Pod Mod?
A pod mod is a small, portable vape device that anyone can start using it in just minutes. Typically, it is a small vape device with a detachable pod. The device has a built-in battery with low wattage. The pod is clear plastic so you can see the juice level as you fill it. The pod contains a built-in coil and a mouthpiece.

How To Use the Device
How do you use it? First, you make sure it’s fully charged. Second, you detach the pod and fill it with juice. Third, you replace the pod and pull on the device through the mouthpiece.

Most pods hold around 2ml of juice. After using the pod several times, you replace it with a new one. It's that simple.

Advantages of a Pod System Vape or Pod Mod
·Lightweight and portable. These compact mods fit easily in a purse or pocket. You can take them out on the town or on a trip. Some vapers leave their full-size setups at home and use these when they go out. Others just use refillable devices daily.

·Refillable. With the Juul, MyBlu or other prepackaged vape systems, you can only use the brand’s pre-filled pods and flavors. You're limited to what's available from those manufacturers. With a refillable system, you can use any vape juice you like. All juice types will work in a pod mod.

·Easy to use. As we noted above, these devices are easy to use. That makes them ideal for first-time vapers. They’re perfect for smokers who want to quit cigarettes but don’t want an expensive, complicated vape setup. With a refillable pod device, they can be vaping in minutes.

·Low price. Most of these devices are inexpensive. They use e-juice more slowly than larger setups, which helps users save money. Users must buy replacement pods approximately once a month, but they're inexpensive.

·Variety. Changing your vape flavors is as easy as switching a pod and filling it with a different juice.

·Small clouds. Vapers who want to use their devices discreetly are in like pod mods. These devices don’t produce enormous clouds. They’re perfect for stealth vaping or vaping at work.

Who Should Consider Using a Refillable Pod System?
A refillable system is an excellent device for any vaper.
When they first came out, pod mods were considered a poor second choice to a real vape system. In particular, most people found them lacking in flavor production.
Now, however, pod mods have advanced, high-quality components. It’s possible to find devices that produce excellent flavor in a refillable system. Companies like Vaporesso have long been at the forefront of creating pod mod devices that could stand their own compared to full-size setups. The best pod system vape delivers as much flavor as any full-size setup.
Vaporesso was the first manufacturer to use C-Cell technology in all its coils, including the coils in its pod mods. C-Cell is an advanced ceramic heating system. It ensures smooth, even heating of components with no hot spots or overheating.

The Best Pod System Vapes
If you’re interested in a refillable pod mod, here are the best options from Vaporesso...


The Barr’s long, slender style makes it a striking accessory. You’ll enjoy taking this device out on the town. The BARR features a refillable pod with its own drip tip and silicone hole sealer. An LED indicator lets you know how much battery life you have left.
The Barr takes minutes to set up and use. Four airflow options let you customize your vaping experience. Brilliant colors and metal coatings make this an enjoyable, affordable vape for every user.

·Vaporesso’s patented MESH coil technology.
·Cartridge capacity 1.2 ml.
·Four airflow options.
·13-watt battery.
·Kit includes one device and two refillable pods.
·Comes in 12 stylish colors.


Step up your pod mod game with this advanced device. It features a a built-in 800mAh battery for long life and Vaporesso’s patented MESH coils. There are many ways to customize your device. Set the airflow options with a toggle. Change from button draw to mouth draw. Choose from many vibrant color options. The pod is easy to fill with just one hand.
The XROS gets rave reviews from professional vape sites and users. They describe the flavor as “amazing” and the vaping experience “exhilarating.” They also call the airflow toggle “a game changer.”
The X-Ros comes in an optional child-resistant (CRC) version. Vaporesso is the first manufacturer to create a CRC vape device.

·Dual firing mechanisms.
·Cartridge capacity 2 ml.
·Airflow options.
·Variable 11 to 16 wattage.
·Kit comes with one device and two refillable pods.
·Comes in 10 stunning colors.

Vaporesso Luxe PM40

When you demand the best in quality and performance, switch to the Luxe PM40. One of Vaporesso’s most advanced refillable pod devices, it comes with revolutionary Turbo Boosting Tech, adjustable airflow and Vaporesso’s state-of-the-art GTX coils. Each cartridge comes with a self-circulation system for your liquid and triple-silicone coil sealing.
This device comes with a high density 1800 mAh battery for lasting power. Unlike other refillable pod devices, this one requires separate GTX coils. A holographic IML panel, OLED screen and compact size make the PM40 stylish and fun to use.

·0.69-inch OLED screen.
·Cartridge capacity 4ml/2 ml.
·Adjustable airflow.
·Variable 5 to 40 wattage.
·Choice of coil resistance .
·Kit comes with two refillable pods and two coils.
·Available in five stylish colors.

Get Ready for Refillable Enjoyment
A refillable device is an easy way to keep your vaping close at hand. Discover the great flavor and performance you can get in these small, high-quality devices.