Some vapers only love to create huge vapor clouds when using their vape device (these are cloud chasers), while others seek to get the most out of their favorite e juice flavour (these are flavour chasers).

If you are part of the flavour chasers, it can be heartbreaking when you’re having trouble tasting your vape e-liquid.

But don’t worry, our team of experts  have put together the best tips to maximize your desired e-juice flavour. Check them out below:

Avoid Vaper’s tongue
When you taste the same flavour for too long, your tongue can become fatigued and you suffer what is called “vapers tongue.” This is one of the biggest hurdles to get the most from your e-juice flavour.

If your tongue is worn out, you may not get the best out of your e-juice. But here’s a simple solution - You need to always make sure you’re trying different flavours. More so, drink plenty of water. That way, you can keep your taste buds in good shape.

Another good way to avoid vapers tongue is to take a whiff of fresh coffee beans or suck on a lemon to reset your palate. You can mix it up, but in all, always give yourself enough time between hits to enjoy the best flavour.

Change your temperature and wattage
“Temperature” has a huge effect on how things taste. At one temperature, the element of your e-juice may taste richer, and at another temperature, it may taste sweeter.

So as a flavour chaser, you need to understand that the heat settings of your coil will determine the kind of flavour you get. It is better to choose devices with variable wattage over simple devices.

The simple reason is that every liquid has an optimal temperature. Some may taste great at 30W, others may taste better at 20W. At the end of the day, your device and coil temperature make a big difference in the taste of your e-juice.

So here’s simple advice to get the best temperature: Start slow and bring up the temperature gradually until you reach the optimal temperature that brings out the best taste.

Limit Airflow
Cloud chasers love to allow airflow because it supports big plumes/giant clouds. But the truth is that when there’s a lot of airflow moving between your coils, it takes away a lot of your flavour.

As a flavour chaser, you need to put a stop to the airflow. You get a lot more flavour from dense and warm vaping. If you use an adjustable airflow system, you’ll discover you’re able to change your airflow greatly.

However, note that your vapor can become too hot to enjoy if you close off your airflow completely. The best thing to do is to experiment with different settings.

Your bore size and the width of your vapor chamber can affect your flavour. You can try narrower airflow for the best e-juice flavours.

But note that the airflow holes are better placed at the bottom. If they are located underneath your coils, they tend to create a direct path for the flavour to move up the mouthpiece.

So try to pay attention to where your airflow holes are when shopping for a dripping atomizer.

Store your e-juice properly
The storage condition of your e-juice can affect the flavour. If you keep a poor storage condition, it can lead to degradation of flavour.

The best thing to do is to keep your e-juice in a cool and dry place. Note that high-quality juices taste better with age. Invariably, your flavour notes can expand over time.

So ensure you minimize the amount of heat and open-air that your e-liquids have contact with. You can try different ways to store your e-liquids to improve the flavour. Check out the best collection of e-juice here.

Get a good atomiser
The type of atomizer you’re using also has a significant role in the amount of flavour you’re getting from your e-juice.

If you’re using the top-coil type of vape device, the atomizer is positioned at the top and the flavour is reliant on the wick. This may not produce a strong flavour.

The bottom-coil atomisers are a much better option for flavour. They put less pressure on the wick to get the flavours all the way to the top.

However, note that the performance of your tank also matters to boost flavour production. It is advisable to opt for tanks with a small bore-coil as they support less amount of airflow.

As a serious vapor chaser, always go for the rebuildable atomisers as they offer the best experience. This is the best way to go as a vaper comfortably building your coils. You can try different coils to maximize your flavour.

Keep everything clean
You need to learn to always keep your system clean if you want to maximize the flavour of your e-juice. You definitely won’t pour your beer into a milk glass without first washing, so always try to keep things clean with your device.

Every time you change your vape juice, you can consider rinsing your coils, wick, and tanks. That way, you get a better-tasting e-juice.

Don’t start feeling that’s a whole lot of work to do. No, it isn’t. All you need to do is disassemble your clearomiser, rinse all parts in warm water, and leave them to dry.

You can use a backup head (if you have one) while others are drying. If you use systems with rebuildable atomizers, it allows you to make quick wick changes.

But make sure you fire the coil after removing the old wick. After it cools, you can then insert your new wick and get your vape on.

Go for a narrow-bore drip tip
Your drip tip has a huge influence on the flavour of your e-juice. Most of the modern tanks and atomisers use large bore drip-tips, but this only gives out airier vapes and cool vapors.

As a flavour chaser, you ought to shop for atomizers or tank that takes a narrower tip. These devices will help you get the most flavour from your e-juice.

Choose quality materials
The quality of your wicking materials also has an effect on your e-juice flavour. Wicks made of silica tend to produce a mute flavour, even though they are commonly used in e-cigarettes.

Cotton is the most preferred option for vapers and Japanese cotton is now widely recommended. You can find it as a standard for many atomizer coils. It wicks better than most other materials and produces a clean flavour from your e-juice.

However, some other options include cotton bacon and ceramics. All you need to do is try out different options to figure out what works for your style.

Avoid materials like nickel if you want to get better flavours. Some metals produce a metallic taste and ruin your overall vaping experience.

Final Remark
Always keep in mind that everyone has their favorite type of e-juice flavours. So if you find what works best for you, stick with it. You can follow the expert tips we’ve gathered for you above to maximize the flavour of your e-juice.