Electronic Cigarette – The Next Quit Smoking Device

What do we know about e-cigarettes or the other vaping devices? Many research suggests that vaping is a safer alternative when compared to the previous methods of tobacco consumption. This is why it is used by many who are looking for ways to get rid of the smoking habit. This is because smoking damages every organ of the body including the heart as well. Switching to vaping is also useful for those who have tried other ways to consume nicotine, such as nicotine gum and failed miserably to get rid of their cigarette smoking habit.

What are e-cigarettes and how do they work?
An E-cigarette is an instrument that allows you to inhale instead of smoking. Cigarettes do not generate tar or carbon dioxide. They do work by heating propylene, glycol or vegetable glycerin and extracts   

How do you choose the right e-cigarette?
As there are many shops or online marts there are several types of vaping devices to choose from including;

·Cigalikes – These look similar to tobacco cigarettes. They come in two different types – some are disposable while some are rechargeable.  
·Vape Pens – It is a vaping device that looks like a pen or a small tube that has a tank inside it which contains the vape liquid  
·Pod Systems – These are small rechargeable instruments that look like the USB stick or pebble that has the vape liquid capsules placed inside it. 
·Mods- They are available in various shapes and sizes. However, they are amongst the largest vaping devices. They do contain the following-a refillable tank, rechargeable batteries, and variable power.

Now coming about selecting the perfect e-cigarette, make sure to choose the one that is rechargeable and has a refillable tank. This is because they generate the vapors more effectively than the common disposable ones, therefore making it easier for you to quit smoking.
If you are someone who does not vape frequently, then you can try out cigalike, vape pen or a pod system.
Again if you are a frequent user, it is highly recommended that you choose between vape pen, pod system or mod.
It is very important to choose the correct strength of e-liquid to meet up with your requirements and online stores  where you can choose from over twenty different flavors of liquid as per your needs.

Can electronic cigarettes help quit smoking?
Although many do say that vaping or e-cigarette is the method of helping cigarette smokers, even though the ultimate mission is to eliminate the smoking addiction, there may be health concerns of a long term smoker who switches to vaping later on ultimately.
Some studies compare vaping with other nicotine replacement techniques that help smokers to quit. The findings support the idea that vaping does help some smokers quit smoking.
The research was done by the Harvard Medical School on a group of volunteers who are working to quit smoking. Among the group, half of them were given e-cigarettes while the other half was provided with nicotine replacement products. After the experiment began the participants had to attend counseling sessions individually for four weeks 

After the experiments were over and the amount of carbon monoxide exhaled was measured, these were the following findings:

1.Those who have been assigned with vaping, around 18 to 19 percent of the participants quit smoking immediately after they started vaping compared to only 10  percent of those who had been assigned other nicotine replacement techniques.
2.Among those who have successfully quit smoking almost 80 percent of them have been involved in vaping full time compared to only nine percent of the volunteers continued to use the nicotine replacement products.
3.The rate of cough and phlegm generation has dropped off dramatically among the vaping group. 

Also apart from this, hundreds and thousands of people from the UK are gradually stopping to smoke and switching on to vaping. There is numerous evidence to support this theory.
A UK clinical trial last year suggested that when you join the expert face-to-face support people who have quit smoking and switched on to vaping are more likely to succeed in life compared to those who have taken nicotine replacement products. This conclusion is similar to the experiment done in the US as explained above.
If you want to get complete benefit from vaping, you must stop smoking cigarettes once and for all.

Is vaping harmful?
There is no strong evidence that suggests vaping can cause any sort of serious harm or anything unusual. Unlike the cigarettes, there is no side-stream vapor exposed by the e-cigarette into the atmosphere. The vapor from the vaping devices does not pollute the environment and the people around it.

The main trick to quitting smoking and switching on to vape is to get this done calculatedly. This is because the quicker you try to get rid of the smoking habit, the attempt becomes work. Another important way to quit smoking apart from using the vaping device is to get yourself involved in activities such as physical workouts and also try to grow a  plant nursery for More you get into activities to distract you from the urge, the better are your chances of recovery from tobacco addiction. The longer you take to complete every distraction, the chances of a quick recovery becomes much higher. Therefore try out all the ways to quit smoking, although this article is specifically about e-cigarettes, you can try out the other methods of quitting smoking.