Eleaf iSolo R Review

Welcome to the Eleaf iSolo R review. If you are familiar with the Eleaf iSolo Air, then say hello to its big brother. However, what makes this vape pod different and why are you going to want it in your vape collection? Let’s dive in.


Like the three bears, this vape pod is not too big, not too small, it’s just right. Perfect for carrying around with you daily, not too small you will lose it in a bag and with some weight to it. Enough so you can feel the quality, but it will be fine in a pocket without weighing you down.

It also carries on a similar style as the iSolo Air with a metal body and soft leather finish. You can choose from a few different colours and each of them is subtle and easy on the eye.

The airflow is at the top of the mod and built into it, it is not on the pod. There is just one button on the front, a USB-C port on the bottom (It can be stood up while it’s charging) and no screen, more on that later.

There are very few points of failure on the Eleaf iSolo R. The pod is held in with strong magnets and clicks into place to assist with the adjustable airflow. There is just one button on on the front of the mod and this has a nice click. There are no knocks or rattles.

This feels quality and you really need to get your hands on one to appreciate it.

iSolo R Vape Quality
Like its smaller brother, the iSolo R utilises the GTL push fit coils, which are great all rounders. There is a sub-ohm and higher resistance coil in the kit, a 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm, so you can try both and see which suits you more.

Expect a really good balance of flavour and vapour production with these coils. You can tailor your vaping experience with built in adjustable airflow that is full of innovation. Click your pod into place and twist the whole pod to open or close the airflow, genius.

There are no settings to adjust (hence why there is no screen), the iSolo R uses a chipset that selects the ideal output wattage for you depending on what vape coil you have installed.

iSolo R Battery Life

Encased in soft leather is an 1800mAh integrated battery. For most this will get them through a full day of vaping without the need to recharge. However, any heavier vapers out there might need to recharge through the day.

Worry not, as the USB-C fast charging means this can go from empty to full in under an hour and with the position of the port means your vape can stand up while its charging. A small thing, but annoying to many.