E cigarette battery charging on the go

Unless you are agoraphobic or live like a hermit, you will be away from your home regularly. If you are a vaper, you probably take your e cig with you everywhere. But what if your battery gives up the ghost when you are a long way from a power point? It can be truly traumatic to discover that your battery is as flat as the proverbial pancake. So, if you are taking a hike or a holiday, how do you ensure that your vape is always charged and ready for action?

Beefy batteries help
Size matters with vape batteries and the larger their capacity, the longer they will last. While compact devices are pocket-friendly and highly portable, they don’t deliver significant vaping time between charges. It’s worth investing in a beefier model if there will be occasions when you are out and about for a significant period of time.

Always carry spares
Nobody relishes walking around weighed down by tonnes of metal, but you really should carry spares if you vape. Spares will ensure that dropping your kit into a ravine or smashing your treasured tank are mere inconveniences that won’t come between you and a great day out. There are no vape shops in the mountains or at the beach, but there are plenty of ways to ruin your e cigs.

It’s best to carry a spare everything – battery, tank, mouthpiece, coils and juice. You will then have all eventualities covered and its worth keeping your spares in a waterproof pouch. You may not be expecting to be engulfed by a freak wave but just a stroll in the rain can render your e cig unsafe. Spares will also enable you to switch batteries when you are out of charge.

Invest in a power bank
We are lucky to live in the technological age when vape kits are readily available as are those life savers commonly known as power banks. You don’t need a wall socket to recharge your battery because power bank can travel anywhere with you. There is no problem with charging your vape with a power bank as long as the power bank delivers sufficient voltage and boasts a USB outlet.

The standard nominal operating voltage for most vape batteries is 3.6 volts. The majority of power banks have an output voltage of 5 volts and so can be used to charge a vape battery. It’s worth noting that a power bank is itself basically just a large battery and you will need to charge it before you can use it. If you take advantage of your power bank to charge your vape, you can recharge it whenever you do benefit from access to a power point.

Power banks are available with a wide range of capacities and you will have to decide which best suits your needs. Battery capacity is measured in milliampere hours (mAh). The more of those you have at your disposal, the more times you can charge your device. A 10,000mAh battery will recharge your 2000mAh e cig 5 times.

But here’s the thing – the higher the mAh, the larger and heavier the power bank will be and that is an important consideration when you are taking a hike or trying to travel light. You could invest in a 24,000mAh power bank but it will feel like you are walking around with a house brick in your backpack. Although larger power banks can definitely come in handy if you need to recharge multiple devices such as your phone and laptop.

Spares or power banks?
You will have to decide whether carrying spares, a power bank or both is the best option for you. Why not hedge your bets by taking spares and a small power bank? A 5,000mAh power bank will be very compact and could be slipped into your pocket. It would be a life-saver if you happen to get lost in the wilderness and may even prove useful in the metropolis.

Travelling light is an appealing prospect but there are some things that you really shouldn’t leave home without. Your vape and a means of charging it are two of them, wherever you are heading.