Does Vaping Make You Tired? Here’s the Answer!

Does Vaping Make You Tired?
Feeling a little drowsy after using your vape? Or perhaps you’re an energetic busy bee who’s considering switching to an e-cig but worried it might sap your energy levels? If so then you might be one of the people who’ve contacted us asking “does vaping make you tired?”

It’s true that taking a hit on your vape can give you a feeling of relaxation. But does vaping make you “tired”? Let’s find out…

Can Vaping Make You Tired?
If you’re vaping an e-liquid with nicotine then it shouldn’t really make you tired. The reason for this is nicotine has stimulating effects, so if anything it should do the opposite!

With that said, in some circumstances your vape could make you feel a little woozy. For those who are new to vaping, it’s not uncommon to take excessive large hits. If this happens, chances are you’re not getting enough oxygen so you might start to feel a little drowsy.

Likewise, if you haven’t been able to use your device for quite a while and you’re experiencing pretty severe nicotine withdrawals then you might experience a relaxing feeling. This is simply because your body has been craving the chemical and these cravings can cause mild stress and anxiety. Once you’ve used your vape for a while those feelings will subside and you should feel normal again in next to no time. 

So does vaping make you tired? The answer is it can make you feel drowsy if you’re new to vaping and using the device incorrectly, or you’ve not used your device for a while and you get a hefty hit of nicotine. However, it shouldn’t make you “tired” per se. 

How to Avoid Feeling Drowsy Whilst Vaping
if you’re new to vaping then you could be feeling a little light-headed due to the way you’re hitting the device. If you’re taking prolonged hits without breathing properly, then the lack of oxygen could be responsible. In this case, try to change the way you’re vaping and you should see this feeling subside.

Alternatively, If you’ve been feeling tired as opposed to light-headed after using your vape then you might want to use a different device and/or e-liquid, particularly if you’ve purchased your vape products from an untrusted source.

The reason for that is some e-liquids out there might contain dangerous ingredients and adulterants, which could be detrimental to your health if inhaled. This is why it’s important to stick to trusted, reliable manufacturers like Vapoholic as you can always trust our best-selling brands!

So hopefully that clears things up. Does vaping make you tired? While it’s not normal for your vape to make you tired, hitting your device the wrong way could make you feel a little lightheaded. You might also be experiencing nicotine withdrawals, so if that happens then a good hit could also make you feel faint and unsteady on your feet.