Do Vape Pens Need to be Kept or Stored Upright?

Vape devices are a sum of many parts, with the typical anatomy of a vape pen consisting of four main elements:

·Tank (aka cartridge – the reservoir that holds the juice)
·Atomiser (a two-part component holding the vape coil and wicking material where e-liquid from the tank is converted into vapour)
·Battery (responsible for powering your device)
·Mouthpiece (aka the tip – through which you inhale the vapours)

It is no wonder then there’s a learning curve involved for first-time vapers because unlike regular cigarettes, these are electronic devices at the heart of it, meaning they need to be handled differently.

That’s especially the case when you consider the fact that e-cig devices feature multiple components, each of which has its own set of usage, storage and maintenance best practices to follow if you want to get the most out of your device.

Speaking of usage and storage…

Obviously, as much as you love your vape device that it probably rarely leaves your hand, at some point you’ll need to put it down – whether it’s at work or a few minutes at home, and specially when out and about.

And when you do, it’s important that you keep or store the vaporiser properly. As far as the best way to do that goes, it’s recommended to keep vape devices in an upright position when not in use.


Simply to avoid the device leaking e-liquid.

You probably have experienced a vaporiser leak in your pocket or purse at some point, and it just happens to be one of those things that happen at the worst possible time!

Don’t get us wrong, there are many possible causes of an e-cig device leaking e-liquid, but putting it in a horizontal position when not using your device is one of them.

And there’s a reason for it.

Most vape devices have air vents which serve the very important purpose of letting air into the device (the vape coil to be specific) to facilitate vaporisation of e-liquid, allowing for an optimal vape experience.

The air vents are also designed to keep the wicking material inside your vaporiser soaked with e-juice when you vape, which in turn prevents dry hits and your device from damage.

However, when you leave your device on its side for sometime, the juice inside the tank can seep out and leak out of the air holes.

If it’s inside your pocket or bag, that’s going to leave a big mess, never mind e-liquid stains you don’t want to be dealing with. But juice leaks overall are not good for any surface, not just clothing and fabric. Even on furniture or inside your car.

Not only that, but leaving your vape pen in a horizontal position with the tank leaking can cause problems in other parts of your device.

This is why you should always keep your vaporiser upright whenever it’s not in use, more so in the case of vape pens which utilise regular e-liquids.

Regular or standard e-liquids have a thin consistency (much like whisky or vodka – or black tea for the teetotallers) which makes them especially susceptible to leakage, unlike their more viscous sub-ohm or shortfill alternatives.

Vape leaks caused by keeping the e-cig device horizontally are a common faux pas among vape beginners who often find themselves learning the hard way.

But now you know.