Do SMOK Vapes Use Salt Nic? A Guide For Beginners…

Do SMOK vapes use salt nic? It’s a pretty basic question if you’re a beginner. But it is important to know. In this guide, we’ll explain exactly what kind of juice to run in your SMOK vape

Technically speaking, ANY vape device can run Nic Salts juice. The type of juice you add to your vape is entirely up to you. But you definitely DO NOT want to be running nic salt vape juice in a sub-ohm tank, it’ll blow your head off – and not in a good way.

And the reason for this is simple: sub-ohm tanks, like mesh coil tanks, RDAs, RTAs, and RDTAs are designed for low-nicotine, high VG vape juice. This kind of juice is smooth and produces loads of vapor (meaning clouds) which is what you want with a sub-ohm tank.

Salt Nic vape juice is designed to be used in lower-powered vape devices, things like MTL tanks and pod vapes. If you’re using a pod vape – pod vapes are small, all in one devices – then, yes, your SMOK vape, if it is a pod vape, is designed to run salt nic juice.

Which SMOK Vapes Are Designed For Salt Nic?
All of SMOK’s pod vapes are designed to run salt nic vape juice, so if you’re running the SMOK NOVO, for instance, or the SMOK Nord 4, you can load it up with salt nic juice and puff away on the device. All of SMOK’s pod devices are designed with salt nic juice in mind.

This is what that particular style of device was designed for: low power, high nic vaping.

This is why disposable vapes run salt nic juice; they use salt nic juice because salt nic juice is A LOT stronger than the high VG vape juice you use in an RDA or a mesh coil sub-ohm tank.

For instance, if I’m using my Falcon King tank – it is a sub-ohm tank – I only ever run 6mg High VG vape juice in it (I use this brand of juice predominantly).

The reason? I want a smooth vape that is full of flavor. I DO NOT want a harsh throat hit.

However, with my pod vape – MiPodI currently use the MiPod 2.0 – I run salt nic juice, usually 35MG. You can get salt nic juice up to 50MG in the USA, but that’s a little too strong for my tastes. I’m fine with either 20MG or 35MG in my pod vapes.

MTL or DTL – What’s The Difference?
It all comes down to how the tank or vape device hits; sub-ohm tanks are a bit like an inhaler, you take the vapor straight down to your lungs – this is called Direct To Lung (or DTL).

With an MTL tank or a pod vape, it hits more like a cigarette, you pull the vapor into your mouth AND then inhale it down to your lungs – this is called Mouth To Lung vaping (MTL).

With MTL vaping, you can use salt nic vape juice. With DTL vaping, you’ll want to use nicotine salts vape juice or 50/50 freebase vape juice.
Simple, right?