Discussing Disposable eCigarettes

Recently, the disposable electronic cigarette market has boomed. So, what are they, who is buying them, and what are their pros and cons? We will answer all of these questions and more so that you can work out if a disposable vape is something you might consider buying.

What is a disposable e-cigarette?
Experienced vapers love their complicated mods that measure coil temperature and give them the ability to fine tune their experience. This level of complexity can be exceptionally intimidating to the new user or just not wanted at times from someone just seeking a quick and easy vape.
A disposable vape is at the other end of the spectrum, it couldn’t be simpler to use. They consist of a small battery that isn’t rechargeable, a small tank prefilled with e-liquid, and no buttons as it will work the second you inhale through the mouthpiece.
This means a disposable e-cigarette is incredibly problem-free, easy to use satisfying vape. When you are finished you simple dispose or recycle it in a responsible way.

Is the e-liquid inferior in a disposable e-cigarette?
While it is true that old versions of disposable e-cigarettes delivered poor flavour, modern devices benefit from years of development and major manufacturers now team up with leading e-liquid producers. 

Many products also benefit from using nic salt e-liquid. This means they are supplied in 20mg/ml strengths that will provide a smooth but satisfying hit.

If it’s tiny, doesn’t the battery run out in a disposable e-cigarette?
Yes, the battery will run out eventually, but it is sufficient to power the disposable e-cigarette until you have used up the e-liquid.

How long does a disposable e-cigarette last?
Most disposable e-cigarettes will last for 150 puffs, but some have been developed to be so efficient that they will run to 200+ puffs.

How much do disposable e-cigarettes cost?
Disposable e-cigarettes range from £2.49 to £5.25 each, a convenient price point for many.

How do you use a disposable e-cigarette?
·Open the packaging
·Remove the disposable e-cigarette
·Remove any visible caps or tape
·Take a puff

Who are disposable vapes for?
A disposable is ideal for a smoker wanting to experience vaping without committing to buying more expensive equipment. While the experience may be slightly different from using more advanced devices, you will get a good understanding of what vaping is like.
They are also useful for people who struggle with dexterity or don’t like the inconvenience of changing pods, coils, or refilling with e-liquid.
Finally, experienced vapers sometimes use them for convenience when they don’t want to carry about bulkier or more expensive equipment with them – for example, the small size of the disposable makes it handy on a night out.