If you are familiar with the CBD industry, you may have come across terms like e-cigs, vaporizers, and vape mods. While most people believe they are the same, it will interest you to note that these items have their unique properties. In this article, we shall discuss the common differences between e-cigarettes, vape mods, and vaporizers.

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) are designed to appear like the traditional cigarette. They are powered by batteries and allow the users to choose their most preferred tobacco flavors and strengths. The earliest use of e-cigs required users to push and hold a button for seconds before activating the atomizer. Now, e-cigs can automatically activate immediately the user takes the puff and inhales. An E-cigarette has three parts which are the cartomizer, the battery, and the mouthpiece.
Things to note about E-cigarettes
1.They are smaller than vaporizers.
2.They are either rechargeable or disposable.
3.The battery life is short because it is small.
4.They appear like traditional cigarettes.
5.They are great for starters

Vaporizers are also known as vapes. By design, they do not look like the traditional cigarette. They come in different shapes and sizes to give the user a choice. Vaporizers contain an atomizer where e-liquid is stored and heated to vapor immediately the device is activated. When a vaporizer is empty, the user pours e-liquid into it instead of having the cartridge replaced. They have larger batteries as such do not need to be charged frequently.
Things to note about vaporizers
1.The e-liquid needs to be refilled before use.
2.They are not like the traditional cigarette.
3.They have a longer battery life compared to e-cigs.
4.They are great for intermediate vapers.

Vape mods
Vape mods are what modify the vaping experience. A vaper who is experienced considers their whole kits to be vape mods. It is the most sophisticated form of vaping equipment and great for experienced or long-term vapers. It allows the battery at all times to fire the coil at your preferred temperature. A vape mod comes with the following parts;
1.Vape battery: This is an important part of a mod device. It determines your overall vaping experience. The battery affects the performance of the atomizer
2.Vape tank: This is what holds the e-juice. It should carefully be looked after and cleaned properly to maintain a good vaping experience. Vapers either build their tank as rebuildable dripping atomizer or rebuildable tank atomizer. This is dependent either you want to save time or want a dripping or strong flavor.
3.Vape coil: It vaporizes your e-juice and gives you the flavor and experience you desire. It is the heartbeat of the kit.

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