Dabbing — Everything You Need To Know About This Exciting Way to Experience Concentrates

Before I go deep into the world of dabbing let me tell you what a dab actually is.
Maybe you’ve heard of things like wax, shatter, amber, honeycomb, or budder during your sessions with friends. 

All these names refer to the same thing — a dab.

So to keep this short and sweet, here’s a quick definition of a dab:

A dab is a concentrated version of BHO (butane hash oil) which has a high concentration of THC. In order to create a dab, you need to extract the THC oil from the cannabis plant using butane… which is where things get a bit technical, so that’s why we won’t get into it.

Best to keep things simple, right?

Sooo… What is Dabbing?
Dabbing is a method of vaporizing dabs (pieces of cannabis concentrates) using a dab pen or a dab rig. This concentrated form of cannabis is normally much more powerful than marijuana herbs. Additionally, due to the fact that dabs are made out of concentrated cannabinoids and terpenes, they are more flavorful than any other version of cannabis product. Also, since dabs are vaporized instead of combusted, you will get a very clean taste. If you do everything properly, that is.

How to Dab With Your Dab Pen

The technique, as such, is quite straightforward. What you definitely want to take into consideration is that you are not smoking it. 
So, to put it nice and simple here are the most important steps when using your Dab pen:

·Make sure to keep your dab freshly scooped from the concentrate.
·Keep your dab pen upright at all times to avoid any leakage
·If it feels hot during vaping, let it cool down for a couple of minutes before you take another hit.
·Inhale slow and short. Don’t take a big hit like you’re smoking. Since the vapor from the Dab contains a high percentage of THC you will want to take it easy.
·Maintenance is really important here. Continually cleaning your pen will reduce the possibility of clogging.
·Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to use high heat.

Are Dabs Worth It?
Of course, this depends on who you ask. 

To be honest this is something you should decide for yourself. But, I will give you all the means to make that decision easier on you.

So, to some, dabbing is the devil’s work and is killing the minds of young people across the globe… I assume they are talking about the dance…

Okay, jokes aside. 

Dabbing is a delicate way of consuming cannabis, there is no doubt about it. Keeping in mind that you are consuming concentrates, highly potent with THC, it can easily go south.

However, the high you get off a dab is faster and cleaner than conventional smoking methods. Additionally, as prices on cannabis increase, using concentrates for better and faster highs (that do not require burning a bigger amount of weed) looks more acceptable and economically valuable.

Is it Safe to Dab?
Right off the bat, I’ll kick it where it hurts. Dabbing is not all and only fun; it can be dangerous. 

If you thought of making it on your own, let me stop you right there.

Even if you manage to somehow extract everything without blowing up your garage to smithereens you can’t know the quality or purity of your product. “Dirty” oil may contain chemical contaminants or excessive amounts of leftover catalysts that could present health risks to users. 

To get rid of that risk, the production requires:

·Lab testing (to measure the purity and potency of concentrates)
·High-grade solvents
·Closed-loop extraction equipment (to prevent accidents)
·Trained extraction professionals

If you have all of the above, then I don’t know why you’re reading this.

Now, to talk about the dangers of dabbing for you and me, the consumers.

Let’s be real here, a concentrated extract that has an extremely high percentage of THC can be dangerous if now handled properly. It’s only logical.

As a newbie, you will want to keep your eye on the amounts you consume. Write them down if you want to and record everything. it’s the only way to be sure you won’t make a mistake and go overboard.

Can you Overdose on Dabs?
A million-dollar question, for sure. 

Dabs are extremely potent concentrates of THC extracts and should not be taken lightly.

Unlike smoking regular weed, one puff of a dab could make you profoundly high. Cannabis extracts often test between 60-90% THC, meaning that if you exceed your limit you might just not enjoy it as much. And by much, I mean a lot.

You can calm down, it is impossible to die from a cannabis overdose, but you don’t want to experience that, thrust me.

I suggest starting off small, leaving your ego behind and testing the waters. You can always amp up the dosage as you go through and get more dabbing experience. We’ve all been there.

What Are the Benefits?
Now, let’s not get all too grim about dabbing, shall we?

There are a ton of benefits and if done safely with clean, tested products, patients and adult users found numerous benefits to dabbing as a delivery method, primarily in its swift onset and effectual effects. 

Dabbing will definitely help out with dealing with severe or chronic pain or extreme nausea. Some reports say that dabbing cannabis concentrates is one of the fastest ways to get immediate and effective relief. 

Unfortunately, finding a doctor who recommends dabbing as the first course of action will be troublesome, to say the least.

Also, one of the great benefits of dabbing is the fact that you are ingesting clean and pure products meaning it will be more gentle to your lungs. To compare, when smoking cannabis, burned plant material produces resin and hot smoke, but extracts erase most of this undesired substance while still delivering essential cannabinoids and terpenes.

Best Concentrates for Dabbing

The good concentrate is only as good as the weed used to extract the final product. It doesn’t have to be off-world good, it will be ground up after all, but the quality of strain will dictate the quality of everything else.

Shatter is undoubtedly one of the most traditional cannabis concentrates on the market. It gets its title from its solid, glass-like form. It’s slim, amber, and will break apart if you apply a bit of pressure. It’s extremely potent, and dabbing with Shatter is a great way to get high really fast. Shatter strains usually contain somewhere between 80-90% of THC, but they can go even higher. 

There aren’t common disadvantages to using Shatter. It’s easy to dab with, highly efficient, but it may pose a challenge for beginners. 

Budder is another top choice when it comes to dabbing. It’s much more delicate and more flexible than Shatter, often resembling butter. Using Budder is guaranteed enjoyment for sure, as it is easier to scoop a dab from the concentrate. Similar to Shatter, Budder is reasonably popular due to its instant vaporizing features and strong effects. No to mention easier manipulation when scooping.

Undoubtedly, one of the best concentrates for dabbing is THC Distillate. They are by far the most potent concentrates reaching as high as 90% THC content which makes them the purest of them all. The reason behind such a pure concentrate is in the process of making it. Unlike others that use solvents, Distillates simply involve a complex distillation process to remove all impurities and contaminants from marijuana.

Another thing that separates Distillates from other concentrates is the texture. While others are creamy, sugary, or solid in form, Distillate is more oily. As Distillates usually come in small syringes, it makes them easier to use. It will vaporize instantly, giving you an exceptional hit. What’s more interesting is that you can add Distillates to food, drink, and other vape products due to its’ oily nature.

Live Resin
Live Resin is another concentrate recognized for its high purity and unique extraction process like Distillates. To make it, first, you’ll need to freeze fresh cannabis before the extraction. During the extraction process it is regular to use a catalyst, and the final result is soft and sugary concentrate easy to scoop. The secret behind its quality is the process of flash-freezing the herb before extraction which allows retaining all essential oils providing a more flavorful Dab. Not only does Live Resin retain high THC percentages, but it also preserves much of the terpenoid portrait of the plant it’s derived from.

Rosin, sometimes confused with Resin or Live Resin, is a different concentrate that’s remarkably easy to make. The extraction process does not require solvent, making it straightforward but still resulting in marvelous extracts. If you want to have homemade Rosin, all you need to do is this (you will need a hair straightener):

1.Roll your weed between two parchment papers
2.Take your hair straightener and compress the paper bin between
3.Both heat and pressure will result in Rosin being extracted during the process

If you get an oily and runny extract, don’t worry. It should be like that. The overall consistency, however, may vary depending on the strain that has been used in the process. Nevertheless, Rosin is still easy to dab with and you will have a lot of flavors and strong hits to enjoy.

Are You Ready for Dab Heaven?

If there is anything I want you to take from this, then that thing is “Practice restraint”.

It’s normal to see people taking smaller dabs. 

Let’s do some calculations, if you’re using a 70% THC concentrate you will get around 35 milligrams of THC per .05 gram hit. Just for reference, a .05 gram hit is about the size of a cannabis seed. That amount of THC is equal to three average doses of edibles.

Now, as you get more profound with dabbing you might bump that a bit. Someone who Dabs often will definitely consume more leading up to 100 milligrams of THC. However, take that info with a grain of salt. Not everyone will or can handle that amount right away.

A smaller dab will let you enjoy the smoothness and flavors without getting too high. Although once you have a feel for it, find a time when you have no obligations to take care of and let it rip. Get yourself a top-notch concentrate and you will experience high on a completely different level.