Could You Add More Than One Flavor Concentrate to Your ELiquid?

A lot of today’s vapers prefer to have more control over their vaping experiences, which is why so many people are looking for ingredients with which they can make their own vape juices from scratch. In fact, we’re particularly known for our flavor concentrates, which make it easy to turn any standard e-liquid base into a mouthwatering treat that provides the palate with rich and tasty vapor.

One question though, that we get asked a lot about is whether or not you can use multiple flavor concentrates when making DIY e-juice. This is an easy one to answer by providing clarity to DIY vapers looking to concoct the dreamiest flavor profiles possible.

But first…

What is Flavor Concentrate?
Flavor concentrate is exactly what it sounds like – a flavoring ingredient that’s highly concentrated, so that a little goes a long way when it comes to flavoring your e-juice batches. Our flavor concentrates are made with top-quality, carefully sourced ingredients that lend themselves to natural flavor profiles, and the variety that we offer is massive and diverse, ensuring that you’ll find exactly the flavor that you’re looking for even if you have an extremely picky palate.

Flavor concentrates are intended for DIY vaping, but some people like to add a couple of drops to an existing e-liquid in order to make it even more flavorful, or to add complexity to a pre-made flavor profile.

Using Just One Flavor Concentrate
Because our flavor concentrates are so rich and tasty, many DIY vapers find that just one gives them the flavor profile that they’re looking for. Like we said, ours are extremely concentrated, and produce a bold, rich, and complex taste without requiring that you layer tons of different flavor components just to satisfy your taste buds. Many of our concentrates go beyond single-flavor options, with choices including Apple Fritter, Honey Crisp Cereal, and even Tiramisu, which each offer a layered and nuanced flavor profile that you can get out of just a single bottle.

Combining Flavor Concentrates
While using a single flavor concentrate can give you the flavor that you want when making vape juice, that doesn’t mean that you can only use one option if you have an idea for a particular flavor profile. In fact, a lot of our DIY vaping customers use multiple flavor concentrates in order to create a totally one-of-a-kind taste that’s unique and imaginative. That’s part of the fun of DIY vaping. It allows you to get create/mix and match different flavoring ingredients to see what you can come up with.

How to Add Flavor Concentrate to Your E-Liquid
Now, let’s talk about how to add flavor concentrate to your vape juice if you wish to use more than one specific flavor.

Start with Two Flavors
As you look through the different flavor concentrates that we have available, you might be tempted to grab as many as possible to see what you can come up with. But using too many flavor concentrates can produce a muddy or overwhelming flavor that’s actually unappetizing. Instead, start with two flavors and see what you can produce in terms of taste. As you become more used to the process of blending flavors, you can add more flavor concentrates to the mix.

Know Your Proportions
To end up with the perfect-tasting e-liquid, you’ll need to know how much flavoring to add to your batch. With our flavor concentrates, your e-juice batches should contain 5 to 10 percent flavoring, with 10 percent being for those who want a stronger and bolder taste. What this means is that no matter how many flavoring ingredients you choose to use, you should make sure that they add up to 5 to 10 percent of the total e-liquid formula.

Make Small Batches in the Beginning
If you’re new to using multiple flavor concentrates, we recommend that you start off with small batches of e-juice for testing your new flavor profiles. This way, if you end up with a flavor profile that doesn’t suit your tastes, you didn’t just waste a lot of precious ingredients only to throw them away.

Taste Along the Way
One key to success is tasting along the way. Each time you change up the flavoring of an e-juice batch, sample it in your tank or cartridge to see how it tastes. That way, you can make small adjustments that decrease the chance of ending up with a flavor profile that doesn’t appeal to you.

We Encourage Our Customers to Explore All Kinds of Flavors
Whether you simply want to add more flavor to and e-liquid or make your own, sticking with one flavor concentrate is perfectly fine, you can definitely explore different flavor profiles with more than one. The key is knowing how much to add and starting off with small batches while tasting throughout the process.