Could CBD Help Reduce Your Dogs Barking?

All canines bark – since it’s a critical part of their communication, both with us and with other animals. Let’s face it though, sometimes, barking is annoying to listen to. And, occasionally, your dog might bark more than what’s considered normal for them, which means you might need to consider that there is something amiss.

While it’s normal for dogs to bark, excessive barking can be a sign of a problem, and it can also simply point to behavioral issues that need to be addressed. Regardless, let’s talk about what you can do if your dog is simply barking too much, along with whether or not cannabidiol (CBD) might be a good option for the issue.

Why Does My Dog Bark?
Like we said, barking is an important part of a dog’s ability to communicate with others. We know that dogs display a lot of their feelings through body language, which is why barking is a rarer occurrence than our own verbalizing with one another. Still, dogs are actually some of the more vocal mammals, and barking is their most common form of vocalization.

Dogs may bark when they see other animals, when they’re feeling anxious or agitated, and when they feel like a need of theirs isn’t being met – such as wanting to eat or wanting to go inside. Sometimes, they’ll bark when something simply piques their interest, such as a new sound, sight or smell.

There are also instances when dogs may bark more than they usually do. For instance, some breeds are known for barking more than others, and dogs typically bark more once they enter their senior years. Of course, overall, it’s always helpful to try to identify why a dog is barking, so that you can address any needs that they may be trying to communicate to you as their owner.

Is Barking Ever a Sign of a Bigger Issue?
So, what if your dog is barking more than they usually do, or barking at unusual times? Of course, discerning what a bark might mean is tough, since dogs can’t actually verbalize their precise thoughts and feelings. But, if a dog is barking more than they usually do, then you might want to think about looking deeper into what’s going on.

As an example, dogs typically vocalize more when they’re experiencing stress. If your dog is anxious or agitated, they may try to let you know by barking excessively. And, as a dog owner, that’s your cue to try to remove them from the situation. Barking excessively can also be their way of telling you that they’re in pain. Of course, it can also indicate that they need you or someone else to back off, as they’re getting agitated.

Dogs also typically bark more as they get older, either because they’re in pain or because they’re experiencing the effects of cognitive decline, which can cause them to become more confused, irritable and easily stressed out.

What to Do About Excessive Barking
In the event that your dog’s barking is abnormally excessive, we strongly recommend taking them to their veterinarian. Barking itself is not a medical emergency, but if you think that the barking may indicate a deeper issue, tell your vet everything you know about their current situation to see if you can figure out what’s causing the change in their behavior.

Of course, if you happen to have a dog for whom it’s totally natural to bark a lot, then you probably don’t have to worry. For instance, if your dog is of a certain breed known for their barking, then besides possibly training them to bark less, you don’t have to worry.

What Might CBD Do for My Barking Dog?
Sometimes, dogs just bark excessively not because they’re in need of medical attention, but because it’s part of their personality. Maybe they’re easily stressed out or agitated, and so barking is how they express their emotions. Or maybe they’re hyperactive, and barking is how they get your attention so that you’ll keep playing with them.

In these types of cases, cannabidiol may actually be exactly what you’re looking for. CBD is the dominant chemical compound in the hemp plant. Being a cannabinoid, CBD attaches itself to cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system – a system shared in all mammals – to regulate processes like nervous system function, stress and even things like pain and appetite.

Specifically, cannabidiol’s calming properties may reduce your dog’s urge to bark excessively by soothing their stress levels. Barking is most often caused by something in their awareness that’s either exciting, agitating or stressing out your dog. A daily serving of cannabidiol can help regulate how they respond to these sorts of stimuli to make them less reactive.

What to Know Before You Give Your Dog CBD
Again, you can see how CBD is an incredibly useful plant compound for dogs, as much as it is for humans, and there are properties within cannabidiol that may help your dog’s excessive barking. Still, there are several things to consider before incorporating CBD products such as oils and treats into your dog’s routine in an effort to minimize their excessive barking.

·1.Choose a CBD Product Made for Dogs: First off, make sure you’re buying a CBD product that’s made for dogs, like CBD dog treats or CBD oil for canines. This way, you know the milligram strengths are canine-appropriate, along with the ingredients.

·2.Be Mindful of Dosage: Make sure to follow the dosing directions on the label carefully to give your dog the proper amount of CBD for their size. While CBD is nontoxic and won’t get them high, too much can make them drowsy, and obviously, too little can be ineffective.

·3.Be Consistent: Consistency is key, so aim to give your dog CBD once a day, unless your veterinarian suggests otherwise.

·4.Consider Other Avenues as Well: Of course, if you think your dog is barking excessively due to a health or behavioral issue, consider multiple approaches in addition to a daily serving of CBD.