Complete Guide to Picking out the Best CBD Vape Juice

The CBD market has seen a significant boom in recent years.
Indeed, it’s set to be worth $20 billion by 2024. That’s an impressive statistic given that it barely existed about a decade ago.
It was only a matter of time before CBD found its way into the wonderful world of vaporizing. The two are a match made in heaven! For an easy, effective, and healthier way to consume CBD, it doesn’t get much better than vaping.
There are now more CBD vape juices than ever before. Choosing the best CBD vape juice for you is no easy task! Thankfully, though, we’ve got some handy advice to help you pick the best of the bunch.

Want to learn more? Keep reading for 6 top CBD vape juice selection tips.

1. It Shouldn’t Separate
Quality CBD vape juices are pure and homogenous.
In other words, it looks like one liquid throughout, as opposed to two or more that have separated. When separation is evident, you’re looking at a subpar CBD liquid.
The bad news is that it’s all too common. CBD oil tends not to mix too easily with the rest of the e-liquid, stubbornly refusing to blend in. The appearance isn’t the problem! Think about vaping away with a non-homogenous CBD juice.
You’ll be consuming irregular doses of CBD depending on the nature of the mix. That’s bad news for anyone vaping CBD for medical purposes. When you need some pain relief, the last thing you need is a lack of CBD in the pipe.

2. It Should Work with Your Vaporizer
Here’s a worst-case scenario to avoid at all costs:
Finding a perfect CBD juice that’s incompatible with your vaporizer.
You might balk at the very notion, but it’s entirely possible! It occurs specifically with CBD oils that have vegetable glycerin (VG) in them.
Essentially, the CBD can separate from the VG and damage the vaporizer’s tank. In some cases, using the incompatible juice can end up breaking the tank beyond repair — non-homogenous oils of this variety promise to do most harm.
Save yourself all this hassle (money) by ensuring the juice is a) homogenous, and b) works with your specific model of a vaporizer.

3. It Should Be Clear as Day
Look for an oil that’s clear and clean in appearance too. CBD juices that are cloudy or translucent are likely to be lower quality.
Keep an eye on the fluid when you’re deciding which to buy. Like food on your plate, if it looks unappetizing, then it probably will be! Find a juice that’s clear, free-flowing, and that looks good enough to drink!
Are you still working out exactly how to vape CBD? This post should help.

4. It Should Be Sourced Responsibly
You want to know where the CBD comes from too.
Remember, not all CBD is made equally. Some manufacturers use processes that imbue the end product with harmful substances, such as pesticides and solvents. It goes without saying that ingesting any of these isn’t a great idea!
Avoid this eventuality by choosing CBD juices that are fully traceable. The best products are clear and transparent in terms of how the product was made, where it came from, and what went into it.
Think twice about buying any CBD products that lack this traceability.

5. It Should Deliver the Correct Dose
Dosage should be another deciding factor.
You want to make sure that the amount of CBD in the juice is sufficient for your needs.
There’s no explicit rule here. You can vape as much or as little as you want! That said, higher levels of CBD will be needed to support particular health conditions. You want to make sure you’re getting enough into your bloodstream to make a positive difference.
Your body weight is a critical factor in the decision. As you can probably guess, the more you weigh, the more you’ll need. As a rule of thumb, start low and build up until you find the right amount. This rule will prevent you from starting too high and feeling the effects of excessive quantities of CBD in your system.
Here’s a guide with more info on finding the right dosage of CBD.

6. It Should Do What It Says on the Tin
Imagine buying a product that contains less CBD than it claims.
As the CBD equivalent of being short-changed, there’s nothing worse! You’ve been promised (and paid for) a certain quantity of CBD, but get just a fraction of it. The frustration mounts when you consider the possible backlash on your health.
That CBD deficit might be the difference between a good and lousy health-day.
Alas, CBD is the most expensive part of the e-liquid- a fact that can persuade some manufacturers to skimp on their dosages. The less they include, the higher their margins!
The best e-juices adhere to the levels of CBD they claim to include. Look for evidence of third-party testing that proves this is the case.

Time to Choose the Best CBD Vape Juice!
Both CBD and vaping have become incredibly popular over the last few years.

The market for both is only set to increase; in years to come, both CBD and vaping culture will be bigger than ever. More to the point, the practice of vaping CBD is set to explode even further in popularity too!

That’s good news for anyone thinking of experiencing this easy and effective way of ingesting CBD for the first time. As investment in the industry grows, there’ll be more options and higher-quality products for everyone to enjoy.

Even now, there can be an intimidating array of CBD vaping juices to choose from. Finding the best CBD vape juice is no easy task.

Hopefully, though, the information in this post will help you find the right one for you. Are you looking for the most excellent CBD juices on the market?