Changing Your E-Juice According to the Type of Atomizer You’re Using

Using an atomizer comes with loads of advantages. It allows you to save money by creating your own coils while enabling you to experiment with a wide range of unique coil configurations. Plus, atomizers in general, allow you to understand vaping technology on a whole new level.

However, when it comes to changing your e-liquid, things aren’t quite as simple as they are when using a conventional sub-ohm tank. While sub-ohm tanks allow you to simply throw out the coil, rinse out the glass and refill, rebuildable atomizers require a bit more care.

How to Swap Out E-Juice From Your Atomizer the Right Way
Good news folks, it’s fairly easy to change your e-liquid while using an atomizer. The key is eliminating any trace of e-juice that’s left behind before you add your new flavor. As you’ll see, this process varies depending on whether you’re using an RDA, an RBA, or an RTA.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA)
Because a rebuildable dripping atomizer is made for well… dripping, it doesn’t require a ton of effort in order to try a new e-liquid flavor. Because of the nature of RDAs, all that you have to do is simply remove the cotton wick as it’s saturated in the previous e-liquid. This will ensure that you don’t taste any of the old e-liquid while trying to enjoy a new flavor.

Sometimes, little cotton fibers will be clinging to the coil after you’ve removed the wick. These fibers will indeed affect the flavor of your new e-liquid. Luckily, getting rid of them simply requires that you fire your device a couple of times at a low wattage in order to burn them away.

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA)
The primary difference between an RTA and RDA, is that RTAs have a tank that holds your e-juice. Now, because an rebuildable tank atomizer has a juice well, you’re going to need to put just a little more effort into ridding it of traces of e-liquid. Since this type of atty closely resembles a standard sub-ohm tank, the cleaning techniques aren’t that different.

Just like you would with an RDA, completely remove the cotton from the atomizer. The cotton is still saturated in your last e-liquid, meaning that it will affect the flavor of your new e-liquid. Then, burn off any remaining cotton fibers by firing your device at a low wattage a couple of times.

Next, take apart the tank and gently run each piece under water for a few seconds. To ensure that no traces of e-liquid are left behind, smell each piece of the tank in order to make sure that you can’t detect the scent of your last e-liquid’s flavor. Then, carefully dry each piece off and reassemble your atomizer.

Rebuildable Atomizer (RBA)
A rebuildable atomizer is unique in that it allows you to use conventional, pre-built coils while featuring a build deck so that you can make your own. When it comes to changing e-liquid with an RBA, the process is exactly the same as cleaning an RTA. Remove the cotton piece, burn off excess cotton and give each component a good rinse. Then, put your atomizer back together and you’re good to go.

Something to Keep in Mind!
Many vapers experience some despair at the thought of throwing out a piece of cotton that they’ve only just installed. If you hate the idea of wasting money, consider saving your cotton wicks for the next time that you’ll be using that same e-liquid flavor.