In the vaping world, there are two very noticeably different crowds. Those who puff with one-use cartridges and those who refill their tanks with bottled e-liquid. It's one we're all familiar with, but few mentions as we unite to forward the cause of vaping as a right.  Disposable vs Reusable became Cartomizers vs Tanks. E-Cigs vs Mod Boxes. These two paths split the vaping industry very early, and are the natural endpoints for the many types of people who make vaping a part of their lifestyle.

Some people firmly believe that disposable cartridges and the quick convenience they provide are the only practical way to vape. While many seeking the perfect vape love to spend hours cleaning and customizing their rigs and mixing unique e-liquid flavors. It's clear that both experiences have merit and that personal preference plays a major role. So today we're here to take a deep look at the pros and cons of both disposable vape cartomizers and tanks rigs used with e-liquid.

One of the most important things to vaping is flavor. The taste and aroma of the vapor is the major selling point for both cartomizer cartridges and e-liquid brands. Vapers are often drawn to whatever provides the best vaping flavor, wherever they find it first.

For people who prefer cartridges, the flavor appeal is usually that it is the exact same flavor with every puff. There's no variance because each cartridge is identical in content, size, and age. In fact, because cartomizers are sealed and usually used within a day or two of sale, they don't age significantly either.

This means that every single cartomizer tank vaped is exactly like the others of the same brand and flavor. So if you need the flavor to be exactly the same every time, cartomizers can be an appealing option.

Of course, flavor connoisseurs usually swear by e-liquids and reusable tanks. The reason, of course, is the ability to mix your own flavors. Users have more control over the ingredients in their flavors and, like cooking for yourself, you have the ability to perfectly balance a flavor to your tastes. If you like a flavor but want it to be tangier, sweeter, or more complex, you can do that. E-liquid flavors also notoriously come in a greater variety than the more predictable cartridge options.

For many vapers, clouds matter a great deal. Especially if you're leaving the lung-damaging habit of smoking behind. Clouds allow you to play with the vape, to make it a game and to learn cool tricks. You can use all your smoking skills or learn skills you always thought were cool about smoking but not worth the risk. But which is better for clouds, cartridges or e-liquid tanks?

Clouds are actually a matter of liquid viscosity. This means that it varies by formula. The more VG in the mix, the more visible and fun the clouds will be. And, to a certain extent, the heat used to vape. In a cartomizer, both features are already decided. The atomizer inside vapes at a particular temperature and the juice inside is a particular mix.

So the clouds you get will be determined by the exact brand and flavor you buy. And those are the clouds you get.

With e-liquid tanks, it's a whole different story. Mixing your own vape, you can mix-and-match any set of flavors with the viscosity you need for amazing clouds. Or even thin it down for stealth-vaping when you're on the go. All you need is to control the amount of VG (vs PG and flavor) in your mix.

Thousands of people vape without nicotine. But for those who need it, the ideal delivery system is a serious concern. Whether you're quitting smoking or handling your nicotine levels quite nicely, the right vape is very important for making each day enjoyable. And despite some common believes, both types of vaping are popular with and without nicotine.

There are some people who need their nicotine as predictably as possible. If you buy one favorite brand and flavor of cartridge, then each cartridge will have the exact same amount of nicotine per tank. And, because the atomizers are all new and the same, each puff is a predictable delivery of nicotine.

For those who need perfect predictability, especially when vaping to relieve stress, then a cartomizer is the popular choice.


However, cartridges aren't the only way to finely control your intake. For those who enjoy a little home science, a refillable tank can be the perfect way to fine-tune your nicotine intake so you always get exactly as much as you mean to. Not only can you buy e-liquid at different strengths, but you can also mix it for precise percentages of nicotine and beautifully balanced flavors.

Next, is how well each vaping option can help you to quit smoking. No matter how fun vaping is, it's also important to remember that vaping is a vital health step for many people looking to leave cigarettes --and possibly nicotine-- behind. The two methods of vaping offer very different options and can each help smokers quit, depending on the way they need to go about quitting.

For many, the hardest part of quitting anything is breaking the habit. Many smokers have a really hard time not swinging by the convenience store on the way home from work to pick up a pack. When you get stressed, you may feel more comfortable holding a cigarette and smoking the way you always have.

E-Cig styles with cartomizers are much more habitually similar to smoking. They look and are made to feel like traditional cigarettes. And cartomizers can be bought in convenience stores much in the same way (and regularity) as a pack of cigarettes. Only, over time, you can decrease the nicotine percentage without having to fight the social and physical habits at the same time.

Vaping with refillable tanks and custom rigs is another way to approach quitting. For many, it's easier to take control by actively changing their habits first. But the physical addiction to nicotine becomes the problem. Building a custom vape, mixing new flavors, and choosing a nicotine percentage are great ways to obfuscate the smoking habit until the addiction is gone.

For those who turn to custom mods and e-liquids, the hobby of rebuilding and seeking the perfect flavor mix replaces the habit of smoking.

So what's the best vaping experience for you? As you can see, it really is a matter of personal taste and preference. Cartridges have a lot of practical uses while e-liquid vapes allow you to seek the perfect vape experience. Cartomizers are popular for people who want to go through the motions of smoking without the tar and fiberglass. Custom vape mods are popular with people who like having sciency hobbies and an adventurer's palette for flavors.