Can You Vape Without Drip Tip?

Using a drip tip is one of the best options for people that want to try multiple different flavors in a single vape session. It’s one of those cheap little screw-on devices you’ll find at almost every vape store out there.

Most drip tips will come in one of two different standardized sizes. There is the 510-type with a diameter of 8.5mm, as well as an 810-type with a diameter of 12.5mm. The 810-types are the most commonly used these days, but do check in advance which type first your atomizer the best. The reusable hollow tubes are very easy to attach and will go right on top of your atomizer. As the name implies, you drip your e-juice flavors right into the little tube while you vape!

Do You Have To Use A Drip Tip?
Drip tips are a great alternative to the more commonly used cartomizers and vape cartridges. You do not have to do use a drip tip on your atomizer, but it will make refilling your vape tank with a new type of e-juice a lot quicker and easier.

Drip tips allow you to drip your e-liquid directly into the atomizer, removing the requirement to remove or detach parts of your vape. If you’re a flavor chaser, it will be a useful little device to rapidly change up your e-liquid flavors. In fact, it will also improve the flavor notes of your vape experience by quite a bit!

How Much Do Drip Tips Affect Flavor?
Drip tips with a tighter draw will especially affect sweet e-juice flavors. Tastebuds on the tongue have different regions for unique types of flavors. The tip of your tongue predominantly picks up salty flavors, while the center picks up sweet flavors. A drip tip will help direct vapor better and improve the taste.

The reason this will mostly affect sweet flavors and not the salty ones, is because the airflow while inhaling is not focused on the tip of the tongue. Rather, it is directed inwards far enough to directly hit the central tastebuds. These happen to be all about those sweet notes, making it more enjoyable to vape fruity and dessert e-juices.

Admittedly, not all will have as tight of a draw, this mostly depends on the airflow width. Atomizers that use 510-type tips will have an airflow diameter width between 2mm and 4.5mm. 810 drip tips are so-called ‘wide bore drip tips’, which are more common these days and have a (slightly) wider airflow.

Do All Drip Tips Fit?
Not all drip tips will fit every vaporizer. Depending on your atomizer type, you will need either a 510 drip tip (8.5mm width at the base) or an 810 drip tip (12.5mm width at the base). If you measure the diameter of the atomizer, you can deduct which type of drip tip will fit your vaporizer the best.

So I’d recommend you to whip out that measuring tape and determine your required size. it’s most likely going to be 810 with newer atomizer models. I do recommend you to measure it first though, otherwise, you’d be spending your hard-earned money for nothing.

Benefits Of Drip Tips
Not only fans of those delicious e-juice flavors will enjoy the convenience of a drip tip. They also have a range of benefits that will be interesting for any type of vaper, doesn’t matter if you’re a flavor chaser or not. Here are all the main benefits listed, in order of importance:

·Improved taste: Think we discussed this thoroughly already in this article. The directed airflow will make it simple for any sweet e-juices fan to enjoy their favorite flavors. And you can do it in style, because there is no need to always switch up the flavors. That’s where the next benefit comes in.

·Convenience: Want to try another e-juice flavor? Sure, just drip them right in there, straight into the atomizer. Feel like moving right on to the next one? Bam, drip it in without removing parts! Switching between individual e-juice flavors becomes such a simple thing. Trust me, if you like changing flavors a lot, you don’t want to go back once you actually used one of these drip tips.

·Customization: Drip tips come in a wide range of different colors and styles. They are literally the crown on your vape, it’s very easy to show off with some quality styles that are available out there! The customization options are nearly endless. The fun part about this type of vape beautification? It will barely put a dent in your wallet, as most of them are relatively cheap to pick up.

·Easy to clean: We all know that cleaning the individual parts of your vaporizer can be a chore. Some parts will actually be hard to clean at all. This is not the case for the average drip tip, as they will generally easily detach. Clean them with warm running water, let it dry for a minute or two and if needed dry with a paper towel. Super simple stuff!

Here’s One Last Tip
I think I’ve ‘tipped’ you enough with all the information and lessons in this article, but I want to leave you with one last advice before you go. Because you need to pick the right atomizer for the job!

Don’t forget that the vape tank is actually one of the key parts of the whole experience. It’s where all those delicious e-juices get vaporized into the good stuff, after all.

And next to the vape tank, you should obviously also find some trustworthy other parts to make your build as complete as possible. That’s why I created this recommended vape gear overview page. It’s a simple visual overview of the main product categories. Just click around and check out some of the reviews of the best products out there. And as always, vape on!