Can You Vape Water Or Any Other Liquid? Is It Safe Or Bad For You?

Humans are experimental by nature (and that’s great). But in the process of trying to put weird stuff into our vape tank, the odds of breaking something become increasingly higher with the type of liquid you decide to put in there. Don’t ask me why, but vapers feel the need to put water into their vapes to smoke it? Uhm, whatever floats your boat, I guess. If you thought that’s weird, what about vaping soda, or honey? It’s safe to say you guys would vape your own grandma if you had the chance. It’s not going be long before somebody is going to invent something freaky to vape that I don’t even want to hear about.

Please stop using your vape pen anything other than regular e-juice. Because at some point, you’re going to harm yourself and the people around you. But in order to satisfy your never-ending curiosity, I’ll answer some of your concerns and questions around the weird liquids you guys put into your vapes. Just know that I experimented with some weird substances for this article, I literally put my life on the line to get you this info!

Is It Safe To Vape Water?
The only liquid you should use for vaping is vape juice. Water has a much lower boiling point than the two primary components of vape juice: Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. Vape coils can reach very high temperatures, turning vaping water into hot boiling steam (which is obviously not safe).

The dangers of vaping water seem obvious. Even in the situation in which you would not vape the water (due to the dangers) but would use some sort of machine instead, you’d create potential damage to the coils and maybe even the circuitry of the device. Let’s say you theoretically would fill your vape tank with some tap water. In that case, the following scenario would play out if you tried to fill it and then smoke it:

1.Coil wires heat up due to the device being used (as always happens);
2.Water starts to boil and bubbles form inside;
3.Boiling energy is increased rapidly;
4.Coil wires get surrounded by tiny water vapor bubbles as a result;
5.Dissipating the heat becomes increasingly difficult due to created bubbles;
6.Overheating of the device (and potentially a burnt hand).

Is Water-Based Vape Bad For You?
Considering the fact that vaping water is dangerous, water-based vape juice would logically also be bad for you. However, this isn’t the case: dissipating vape juices with a small percentage of water is perfectly safe. A lot of e-liquids on the market today contain water, simply due to the nature of the extracts used.

Now, as with any type of vaping or smoking, there are harmful components inside the vape that will eventually be detrimental to your health. Just like smoking, inhaling any type of smoke into your lungs will eventually have negative health effects. Vaping is, however, a lot less harmful than regular smoking, so I would say it’s only bad for you in high quantities. So enjoy your vape, but only in moderation.

Water will always be a small component of the overall ingredient makeup of the e-juice of your choosing. So there will not be much difference in health consequences between a regular vape juice and a water-based vape juice. Keep this in mind when you do your shopping for nice flavors next time!

Can I Clean My Vape Tank With Water?
Despite the fact that your vape components will eventually rust due to water, it is safe to clean your vape tank with preferably hot running water. This will clean the vape tank of any sticky debris or residue. Shake the water out of the vape tank after cleaning. Afterward, let the tank air-dry for a few minutes (or use paper towels).

Using this basic cleaning process is completely safe: any leftover water will not harm you because of the low concentration. After all, part of the ingrediënts list of vape juice includes water, and that doesn’t harm your device either. If you have used alcohol for the cleaning process (which is perfectly fine too), you must also rinse the tank with water afterward. This way, you can be sure no alcohol is left in there, which would be worse than leaving some residual water inside the vape tank.

If you cannot use hot running water, you can alternatively use a bowl of water for the cleaning process. Detach all loose components from your vape, and clean the components one by one in the tank. If they are very dirty, it’s going to be a good idea to get some clean water while you’re doing the cleaning process. You don’t want to wash your components in dirty water. You wouldn’t wash your body in dirty bath water either, right?

Can You Put Any Liquid In A Vape?
You can not just put any type of liquid in a vape pen or tank. These are liquids that can be put in a vape tank:

·Vegetable glycerin
·Propylene glycol
·Essential oils (e.g. MONQ)
·Alcohol (drops added to vape juice only)
·Water (drops added to vape juice only)

And anything other than these I would argue against using. I’ve heard stories of people vaping melted butter (sounds like a bad idea), or adding weed other herbs to your vapes (I’d argue against it, as this can both destroy your vapes and your health). There are other vaping devices that allow you to vape CBD oil, but this can’t be done in regular vapes.

I’d say just stick with good old e-liquid vape juice, which is mostly made out of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, together with some amount of flavoring and (sometimes) nicotine. Anything other than that should be avoided. Vaping essential oils is possible, but for that, I’d use a MONQ vape, which is an official brand that specializes in essential oils.

I Ran Out Of Vape Juice… What Can I Use?
There is nothing that can be recommended here, other than a quick trip to the nearest vape store. Lucky for you, there are plenty of online vape juice stores which deliver new e-liquid to your doorstep within a very short time period. So if you have run out of vape juice, this is the best option.

I would suggest you to never experiment with anything other than vape juice or related (proven) products that are safe for you to vape. There are simply too many risks involved, and you only have two lungs which you need to use your entire life. Staying on the safe side and waiting on your next delivery of e-juice is often the best solution in these types of situations. So give it a day or two for your next delivery, or go to the city and visit a vape store near you!

Can You Vape Soda?
It’s certainly possible to vape a soda-flavored e-juice, for example, you can choose coke / cola flavor. However, do not attempt to vape real soda or other carbonated drinks. Using these types of carbonated liquids will be very dangerous and, much like water, destroy your vape coil quickly.

It can be pretty difficult to get a hold of most of the popular soda e-juice flavors, but most fruit flavors are pretty easy to find. From my personal experience, these e-juice flavors from the e-commerce store Vape Wild come the closest to a soda taste. By the way, my personal favorite flavoring out of these is the Red Dawn:
·The Midway (Cupcake + Dr. Soda)
·Red Dawn (Cherry, Orange + Lime)
·Cherry Limeade
·Vanilla Cola
·Cherry Cola
·Yellow Dye (Orange + Lime)

Can You Put Honey In A Vaporizer?
Honey is a thick, sugary substance that is very difficult to remove from your vaporizer. Vaporizers are designed for e-juice, which has a consistency that has more viscosity. When you put honey in a vaporizer, the coil head would be absorbed by the honey material, consequently breaking the vaping device.

Just because you cán do it, doesn’t mean you should do it. That’s the motto you can use with honey in a vape pen. The advice at the very top of this article still holds: if it’s not vape juice that is recommended to be used with your particular device, do not put it in there. You’ll most likely clog up the insides of your vapes and make them unusable in the process.

If you must use honey in your vaporizer, please try the following e-juice flavor: Honey Moo-Moo from the Vape Wild online store. It’s honey and milk, the most delicious flavoring I can think of. If you like sugary stuff, that is.

What Can You Put In A Vape Pen?
The only thing you should put in a vape pen is official ‘e-liquids’, designed for your personal vape brand. People often try to put other liquids in their vape pen, but this can both put yourself in danger and can potentially destroy the vape pen completely due to boiling effects or clogging of the vaping device.

In this article, we have covered most of the common liquids people tend to put inside their vapes, for whatever reason. If you try to experiment with your vaping, please take the advice I gave you about the acute dangers seriously. Vaping water, soda or honey is a terrible idea at all times.

Instead, please use the substitute e-juice flavors that I presented you with. That’s the only certain way to not directly damage your throat and lungs, inhale any type of boiling hot steam, or destroy your vaping devices. If you want to read more about some great fruity e-liquid flavoring without any nicotine, you should definitely check out this top 10 article.