Can You Vape Outdoors at Venues and Indoor Public Spaces?

There is still a blurred line regarding the rules regarding where you can and can not vape. Often compared to smoking because of how the action looks, the industry of vaping is frowned upon in the same breath as cigarettes. While there are obvious differences (no tobacco in e-cigarettes compared to smoking), it’s difficult for the public to understand where to vape legally.

During this time of the year when the weather is extended hours of glorious sunshine, it’s natural that we all want to step outside with friends and enjoy events together. From the top sporting events like the Wimbledon tennis championships in London and the Cricket Ashes series between England and Australia to the various music festivals and concerts, where can you vape and not have the finger pointed at you for doing something wrong?

Can You Vape in Sports Stadiums?
As we said, not just in the summer at the time of writing but throughout the year, sport is enjoyed by millions across the UK at various football, rugby, cricket, tennis and countless other sports events.

With stadiums packed full of people and often not much space between seats, is it ok to puff on your vape? Technically, by law, you can vape in outdoor spaces but it is often overruled by individual arenas that have the right to ban vaping if they wish. Regarding smoking cigarettes, since 2007 there has been a clear ban on smoking any type of cigarette in enclosed public spaces and the workplace.

So in turn, football stadiums such as Arsenal Football Club have also included e-cigarettes in this message throughout the 60,000-seater stadium. And the same can be said of all football stadiums throughout the country. Needless to say, on tv there is no doubt that you will see the odd person discreetly trying it considering the compact size of vapes, sweeter smell and vapour which disappears faster than cigarette smoke. However, you should always follow the rules of the sports event you attend.

Whether that’s the cricket Ashes that are currently underway or the iconic Wimbledon championship which takes place in July. It’s advised to always check on the website of the sports page or contact them directly to make sure of the correct rules.

Are You Allowed to Vape At Music Festivals?
The same can be said of music outdoor festivals. While you’re allowed to vape in outdoor spaces at the moment, doing so in confined spaces around many people is just not good etiquette. While vape e-liquids may smell much nicer than cigarettes and not stain clothes, not everybody vapes and wants it puffed in their face directly.

So, with that in mind, the biggest summer festival Glastonbury recently announced the ban on disposable vapes inside the grounds. This was in the hope that it could reduce plastic waste.

However, was the same rule applied to cigarettes? Which witnesses endless stubbed-out cigarettes around parks more often than not. It’s these kinds of blurred lines regarding the rules which need to be clarified by the British government if they see vaping as ‘an effective tool to help people quit tobacco smoking’.

Check out the pages of the upcoming Isle of Wight Festival, Leeds and Reading Festivals and other music outdoor events you plan to visit for their guidance surrounding e-cigarette permissions. The last thing you want is to be kicked out of the event for not following the rules correctly!

For indoor music concerts, that’s a similar message, which is highlighted below.

Is It Legal to Vape Indoors?
With vaping indoors, it depends on where you plan on vaping. Obviously, within the comfort of your own home, there is no question (although you should still avoid vaping around family members directly as we’re still unaware of the long-term effects of passive vapour).

However, when vaping indoors at public events, you essentially need to follow the same rules as smoking. Most business establishments want to keep everyone happy and for insurance purposes, see e-cigarettes as a risk as they are battery-operated devices that do produce clouds of vapour and are prone to overheating.

Let’s look at the main places you may wish to vape indoors publicly.

Can You Vape in Pubs?
Although everyone will be entering the bars this summer more often than they would during the cold winter months, as it’s a good social scene, vaping is often frowned upon in pubs. It’s up to the establishment to set their rules for whether you can vape inside or not.

But in most cases, they often designate areas where smokers and vapers should inhale nicotine products together. This negates the point of smoking areas because they are different habits. With there already being considerations by the UK government to enforce smoking bans in beer gardens outside (as we know the risks of passive smoke), it’s always best to vape outdoors where possible and not inside a pub around others.

What About in the Workplace?

Another important area to clearly understand the rules is the workplace. The last thing you want to do is upset your colleagues or boss! Again, legally there is no definitive rule that states you can not vape inside your workplace. However, the rules lie with the employer and business policy. The regulations will differ between workplaces depending on how lenient or strict they wish to be. But to be considerate of your colleagues (of which some may not smoke nor vape), it’s advised to step outside and vape with a stealthy pod kit away from passive cigarette smoke.

Final Thoughts
Overall, the rules look pretty clear despite the confusion with vapers and the general public. There are no specific laws passed by the government to date which specify you can not vape in a public space, whether indoors or outdoors.

After all, they want to promote vaping to deter the seven million that smoke in the UK. Removing vaping from these public places will only frustrate vapers and potentially turn them back to cigarettes. However, we believe the steps below will go a long way to give vaping a better public image and help further down the line to relax the laws around vaping in public places:

·Respect others' personal space: Be aware of your surroundings and avoid vaping in crowded areas or enclosed spaces where others may find it intrusive. Give others the space they need to breathe freely without being exposed to your vapour.
·Opt for subtle flavours: Choose vaping liquids with more subtle scents to avoid causing discomfort or annoyance to those nearby. Strong or pungent flavours may not be appreciated by everyone and can be seen as intrusive. If possible, try flavourless e-liquids which carry less of a scent.
·Follow the rules and regulations: Adhere to the specific policies set by establishments, even if vaping is legally allowed. Respecting the rules helps maintain a positive image of vapers and prevents unnecessary conflicts.
·Be considerate of non-vapers: Remember that not everyone is comfortable with or supportive of vaping. Respect the rights of non-vapers to breathe clean air and enjoy public spaces without being exposed to potentially harmful substances. If someone expresses discomfort or asks you to refrain from vaping, be understanding and find an appropriate location where vaping is allowed or step outside if necessary.